Why Effective Content Marketing Is All About Change?

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Content marketing continues to change and evolve. There is no perfect content marketing strategy. Your content marketing strategy is just as strong as its capability to evolve and change – something that we’ve all seen quite well over the past two years. Many businesses took a step back and thought about what people needed during a tumultuous time and delivered supportive content marketing.

We started to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel at the end of 2020, while 2021 started with a bang. Content marketing accelerated. Resiliency plans, content studios, streaming services – 2021 has been a boom of new as well as innovative ways to create and deliver content-driven experiences to audiences and customers alike.

Content marketing has been around for ten years, but you wouldn’t know based on what the media is saying about some of the things the brands above are doing. All these new content marketing programmes aren’t new or innovative – they are late.

Content Needs To Offer More Value

It should definitely go without saying that when you’re putting content together, you should aim to put together better content than anyone else, every time. This isn’t only because you owe it to your audience to provide better value, however because content standards are becoming stricter. In addition, people are pickier than ever before. With the volume of publishers pushing out content, it’s easy to understand why more than 75% of content never sees an outside link or social share.

Content Resonates While Advertising Saturates

A very important factor in your content marketing is relevance:

  • What are your customer’s challenges, pain points as well as needs?

That’s what you need to be writing about and not producing a television ad for your brand. Well-written, intuitive content draws your audience in and also sets you up as a thought leader.

On the other hand, advertising, even digital ads, leads to overexposure as well as saturation. You haven’t tried to build a relationship with your audience. Rather, you’ve only captured a story about your brand as the star with absolutely no room for the real hero, your customer. The right content is a vehicle which can deliver us from the throes of the ‘death by SPAM’ illness which still persists in many marketing organisations.

Plan An Actionable Content Marketing Strategy

To start things off, it is necessary for you to make sure that you have a concrete content marketing strategy in place. While this seems as if it’s common sense, it’s a remarkably rare factor as well as one that will make or break the efficacy of your content marketing.

Video Continues To Gain Steam

Improved internet connections (higher caps, the growth of Google Fibre, improvements to mobile data networks) are making already-popular video grow by huge leaps. In addition, social platforms are also making video a prominent feature by offering auto-play. Facebook is encouraging the use of its native video hosting – it wants users to leverage that as opposed to sharing from sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. With greater social reach, Google’s positioning of relevant videos, and video ads within search results, it’s time to begin including more video into your content marketing.

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