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Your brand is global, whether you know it or not. Through the explosion of mobile devices and the apps which are on them, people around the globe have on-demand access to your brand. Whatever industry you are in, mobile marketing gives you the opportunity for you to reach your target audience quickly as well as effectively. And this is why you need to make sure that your marketing programme incorporates localised tactics into its wider global marketing strategy.

In four years’ time, 73% of the LATAM population will own a mobile device. However globally, mobile devices are much more plentiful. There are a projected 5.2 billion smartphone users all over the world. And mobile ad spending reveals the potential audiences that can see your brand’s message in the palms of their hands.

In accordance with a 2020 report from GSMA on the mobile economy in Latin America, mobile advertising spend is estimated to top $10.5 billion (approximately R 154 billion) by 2023. Mobile advertising will make up more than 75% of all digital advertising spend in coming years. Worldwide, brands are projected to spend $405 billion (around R5 trillion) by 2023, which will be 78% of the total digital ad spend.

Having your mobile advertising strategy optimised now is essential for future success. Whether it is incentive-based campaigns which are emerging in Latin America or pre-roll video ads, different markets have different tactics which have proven to be effective.

How To Optimise Your Marketing Strategy For Mobile

Responsive, Responsive, Responsive

A responsive design is vital for your marketing campaigns to succeed. Remember that you not only need to adapt your webpage, but also the remainder of your promotional materials.

Improve Your Website’s Navigation

If you wish to enhance your conversion rates, your users’ experience on your website is vital. In this sense, we would recommend prioritising navigation. Details as straightforward as including a smooth and simple to navigate menu and page footer are the difference between a cheerfully purchasing customer or an angry user who leaves your website halfway through. Your call-to-action buttons and links must also, obviously, be wholly compatible with mobile devices.

Put Together Your Own App

When you put it together, ask yourself why users need to download it… and keep using it six months later.

Remember Desktop

Desktop computers have a place in marketing space. They are still very useful for pre-purchase researching and when users would like to take a deeper look at content.

Alter Your Content To Mobile Users’ Preferences

When we’re out and about, our requirements in terms of searching for content change. We don’t actually want to stop and read a 3 000-word article – what we need are quick solutions. And we have much smaller screens. So be clear and concise and utilise short titles.

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