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Over the last couple of years, mobile technology has quickly become the core of nearly everything, constantly evolving consumer behaviour. So then it should definitely come as no surprise to you that this medium has also had a significant impact on other arenas such as e-commerce, brand awareness as well as customer service. Today, more than 85% of internet users are mobile. But with this rise in popularity of mobile marketing, competition among mobile marketers has become fierce. So what does it take from you to be a successful mobile marketer?

SMS Marketing

The term ‘SMS marketing ‘refers to a marketing via text messages. It’s also referred to as text message marketing or text marketing. This type of marketing is a permission-based mobile marketing strategy where you deliver promotions, deals, coupons, alerts and more direct to potential customers’ cellphones via text messages of 160 characters or less. One of the explanations why SMS marketing is such a powerful mobile advertising strategy is as text messages have high deliverability, open as well as engagement rates.

Location-Based Marketing

If your small business has a mobile app, you are able to use location-based marketing techniques – such as geofencing – to market to mobile users in a specific area. This is particularly helpful for small organisations that have brick-and-mortar stores. It can also be practical for ecommerce sites that offer local recommendations, like food delivery or travel services.

Over 80% of marketers say location-based marketing leads to increases in three key metrics: an 85% increase in customer base, an 83% increase in response rates, and an 83% increase in customer engagement:

  • People open and read approximately 98% of text messages
  • Most individuals respond to an SMS message within 90 seconds
  • The response rate for SMS marketing is 45%

That’s likely as most individuals have their phones with them. Because they get push notifications for incoming text messages, making them hard to ignore. As text messages are so short, many marketers include a link where recipients can get more information or a code that triggers follow up information. One best practice for SMS marketing is to avoid overusing it; the tactic is most effective for time-sensitive promotions.

Stay Relevant

A common thread throughout all best practices for mobile marketers is offering a relevant experience. When marketers know the best way to leverage context for relevance, they’re certain to attain success.

It’s vital for companies to remain up to date with the latest trends in digital and mobile marketing. There are always new as well as innovative tools and techniques to improve your mobile app. In addition, it’s important to use these to stay ahead of the game. Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing, improving customer data and taking advantage of emerging technologies is essential to staying relevant.

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