How Can You Use Social Media to Get Clients for Your Coaching Business?

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Social media is no longer just about keeping in touch with family members as well as friends. Every online coach and business owner who you know has an online presence. It’s no longer an option; social media is essential for the expansion of every online business. According to Statista, there are 420 billion active users on social media. Brands who enjoy a social media presence experience an 88% increase in exposure in addition to a 69% increase in leads generated.

Social Media Is An Investment

Many of us make use of Facebook and Twitter as part of our day-to-day conversations with friends and family but we would suggest as coaching business owners we need in order to adopt a different mindset towards making use of social media as it is a tool of our trade so we need to use it. As such making use of it becomes an investment in the growth of our business. Let’s begin with a fundamental question that any business owner needs to ask prior to making an investment: What is the return on your investment going to be?

Social Media Is Part Of Your Business Strategy

Part of your business strategy needs to be marketing your services. Quite simply this allows people know about the products and services that you offer. Social media will be a significant part of your marketing strategy. As a result it becomes part of your marketing budget.

You are able to use Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like at no charge rather than your labour. If assign give your time an hourly rate then you are able to appreciate how much you will invest in your effort:

  • A blog may take two hours to write and post,
  • Tweets 15 minutes each, as well as
  • A LinkedIn post 1 hour.

This could be a spurious argument as you can do tweets and blogs when you are relaxing at the pool or have a spare minute while waiting in a coffee shop, however if you are serious regarding expanding your business then you would like to know what return you are getting for your effort. In addition, you want to target that effort to get the best return. Exactly the same process we would adopt to help our coaching clients use their training effort most productively.

Create Very Powerful Content

Way too many life coaches think posting on social media is merely about ‘getting their name out there’. They think that it’s about getting more people to see their posts as well as videos. Unfortunately, they’ve got this totally wrong. Long-term success on social media has a lot more to do with what you post over how many individuals see your posts.

Think about it…

Low-value, boring or run-of-the-mill content – generic videos and posts which could have been created by anyone – won’t assist you to stand out or inspire potential clients to follow you or reach out to you. Take the time to create thoughtful, engaging, unique content which solves a specific problem for your ideal audience.

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