Reasons To Start A Youtube Channel For Your Business

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In the digital marketing industry, it’s widely promoted that having a YouTube channel for your business must be synonymous with its social media marketing strategy. It all depends on your line of business, of course.

Here are seven reasons to start a YouTube channel for your business:

New Content Formats

“By 2021, it’s estimated that 82 percent of all internet traffic will be for video… and accounted for 73 percent of traffic in 2016,” according to DeMers (Forbes, 2018). It is obvious that text-based content marketing, alone, is becoming outdated and it’s worth it to broaden your marketing strategy to visual elements. “Starting a YouTube channel gives you a powerful medium to produce and distribute video content…”

Audience Size

The sky is the limit in terms of audience scope to be engaged. DeMers (Forbes, 2018) reports that more than 1.57 billion are monthly active YouTube users around the globe, 30 million of which, are daily users. This doesn’t ensure your video to reach such enormous views, but added with other social channels, YouTube could easily multiply your exposure.

Ease of Production

It’s natural to be intimidated in the aspiration of producing a YouTube channel in that it can be complicated and expensive, but only if you seek top-of-the-range video and audio quality. For basic elements of video content (interviews & monologues), it’s easy to succeed with a basic set-up – with a couple of thousand for basic equipment, or almost free when relying on your smart phone. The production of video content can rely on software already installed on your computer, or countless Android or Apple software available for editing purposes.

Additional Syndication

It doesn’t have to end at YouTube – it’s only one medium. Video content you upload has the capacity to be shared all over with the help of other social media channels you use. If a posted clip turns out to be a hit, you can continue to share it on a semi-regular basis across your various social media channels. This action will help you gain followers on multiple levels.

Website Integration

If your business has a website, it’s easy to integrate your videos into the site, particularly if you rely on a template-based website builder. This will leave you more space to promote you video content, and vice versa, if you incorporate links to your website in your video description on YouTube.

Multi-Channel Dominance

If your followers are habitually engaged by you on social media, chances are they’ll start following your business on its varying social media platforms. If you already have a following on Facebook or Twitter, it’ll be a breeze to lure them to your YouTube channel.

Direct Revenue

When your channel becomes popular enough to reach a certain number of views or followers on YouTube, it could become and additional source of income for your business. When enabling ads on your videos, you may be able to increase your business’ revenue for every thousand views your video gets. This would be a convenient way to use that money for an offset on your production costs.

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