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Companies are being forced to network with consumers on a new level and are thus being held responsible for what they do in addition to their products. We are all aware of the fact that news spreads like wildfire online and that consumers’ experiences with various products is no different. Conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr as well as other websites are already taking place. Organisations now know that in order to get the most of their digital marketing campaigns, they have to enter into these conversations, whether to take constructive criticism or bask in the glow of consumer praise.

Changing Consumer Behaviour

There’s definitely not a shadow of a doubt that social media has changed drastically over the years. Social media has grown from merely being a story-telling digital platform, which connects people, to a fundamental digital marketing tool.

As social media has grown older and evolved, so has consumer behaviour. Social media has an impact on, and influences, our lives on a daily basis. It’s a love-hate relationship however for most of us, we can’t bear to live a single day without it as we’d feel lost and disconnected from the world. For this reason, only, it’s no surprise that brands, as well as businesses worldwide, are taking full advantage of it.

The Power Of Connection

Social media is a useful and effective way to make a connection with your target audience. It’s one of the most direct ways that you can engage with them as well as build a long-lasting, positive brand reputation.

Social media is constructed around community. It thrives off users who interact with their favourite brands. These channels have become a popular source of information. Consumers talk on social media and other people listen. This means that it’s essential for your brand to be correctly representing itself, especially when interacting with your audience. Social media is an incredibly powerful way to develop brand engagement.

Brand engagement, together with social media, is a match that is made in heaven. You are able to talk directly to your audience in a public forum or via private messaging. You have the chance to express your personality and show a different side to your brand. Doing this  essential for any business.

Regular engagement with your social media following is a marvellous way to promote your brand as well as build a new customer base. It will assist your business with growing into an industry leader in order to give you an edge over your competitors. Think about how this will impact your business internally regarding KPIs. Plus, it’s free to use.

A Direct Line To Your Customers

For years now, organisations have heavily relied on “middlemen”, such as reporters, newspaper reviewers, and others to determine what was written about their product, service, or the brand itself. Brands were able to control advertising however were powerless in finding out what the mass of consumers really thought of it. With social media, brands are now able to not only control the message, but they can also monitor, and take part in, the conversation instantly in real-time.

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