What is the Best Content on Instagram?

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You have to believe the hype because right this moment, we mean this very second, there are millions of active users who’ve plugged into Instagram. Approximately 500 million, on a daily basis, to be exact. Some of these people are live, most are looking at posts, while others are hooked on Stories.

You see: these people aren’t looking for product pictures. Think how easy your social media marketing would be if they were!  They’re searching for compelling visual experiences that excite or inspire them. These people need engaging visual content and they want to be captivated by something.

The blunt truth is that, on this platform, images say it all. On Instagram, we want the kind of content we can consume in a heartbeat. Look, these days taking a simple picture has become a mammoth task. It’s one of the first things pros consider before taking a picture for Instagram. There has to be a clear focal point, including the perfect light and setting for all things.

Instagram is quite different from Facebook. As such your social media marketing efforts on both of these platforms need to be entirely different. On the former platform, your pictures need to be beautiful and appealing. Think about it: what better way to stand out on the feeds of others when you compete with millions of other brands and business. Your content has to be flawless, consistent and branded. That’s where the trick is. Your content has to be formatted, well selected, edited, and composed for results. Be it live videos, pre-recorded videos or still imagery you need to be proud of what you put out onto Instagram.

The Big Tip for Instagram

Focus on captivating a core audience that has a genuine interest in your offering instead of aiming to please the world. Find your niche and make sure that all of your posts fit into this nicely so that you’ll develop a loyal following who converts into visitors to your website.

What type of posts can you make on Instagram?

There are a number of posts that you can put out on Instagram that will improve your social media marketing immensely! Below, we describe a few.

Carousel posts

These posts have already taken Instagram by storm! They are giving video stiff competition and are popularly being used for new product launches. Carousels are basically multi-image posts or albums. They’ve become one of the highest-engaging formats around.

The Face of Your Video

Having a video cover image sets the tone for your video and you can set this during the editing stages of your video uploads.

Go to the tab at the bottom of your screen, select “Cover” and then drag the slider along the length of the video to select the best image to represent the video. In simple terms, creating a better image will help your videos perform better and invite more engagement.

Your Stories

Your Stories have made it on to our list and that should give you an idea of their impact. These are more random, less-polished, and creative. Here you can be authentic. You could build compelling stories and grow your brand including its audience engagement.  Go on, share your stories with the world and see what this can do for your social media marketing!

Best practices for Instagram

As we can see from the above, being active on Instagram is a great way to promote your business. While you’re doing this make sure that you only share your greatest shots.

With digital photography being so accessible, especially with cameras being built into our smartphones, it’s easy to become obsessed with taking photographs of everything and anything.

However, be sure to discard the shots that are blurry or don’t do your subject matter justice. Yes, Instagram offers a number of great filters however they won’t be able to do much if the quality of the original picture isn’t that great.

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