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The global social media users numbered 3.196 billion in 2018. This number is likely to rise to 3.1 billion – only two short years away. Those who are still not convinced of the digital marketing potential of social networking may think social media is just a way for people to keep connected. While this is indeed a considerable function of social media, it is also a powerful way that you can improve your SEO.

Social media management in addition to search engine optimisation may be two very different business strategies and have their own rules of engagement. However, within the larger realm of digital marketing, these two aspects can be optimised in such a way that the one is a complement to the other.

How SEO and social media work hand in hand

Benefits such as brand visibility, recognition and more website traffic can be improved when you combine these two strategies. Social media – together with SEO – will supplement and enhance your efforts in both areas. Social media content, for example, can assist with amplifying your SEO campaigns with content which is optimised for keywords as well as by generating more backlinks.

While SEO makes sure that your website can properly, it is also possible for you to tweak your social media channels — such as your business pages in addition to your profiles — in order to score higher rankings in search engines rankings. Although your social media strategy may not necessarily be pivotal in your search engine rankings, it can still be strong enough in order to take it a notch higher as well as boost your existing rankings.

Individuals interact with social media networks – such as Facebook and Instagram – in a different manner as opposed to that in which they interact with search engines. However, the results of both are the same in a number of ways:

  • Content is filtered,
  • Links are shared, as well as
  • The most trusted sites get the most amounts of traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation strategies to help your website stand out

First of all, you’re going to have to get into the minds of your target customers and figure out what search query they will be making in order to find a product such as yours. So, for example, if you’re an electrician working in the Randburg area, you would optimise your website for “electrician” and “Randburg”.

Optimising the content on your website with a rich set of keywords will cause you to get better results. Ensure that your website is well optimised irrespective of the search engines. Google, Yahoo, as well as Bing are the popular search engines which people use which will help you to gain organic traffic to your site with the targeted keywords.

There are many tools available, which won’t cost you a cent, to help you to track what exactly users are searching for. Tools such as Keyword Planner as well as Google Analytics are the best in order to get a good idea of the performance metrics of your website. These program will let you know:

  • The sources of traffic,
  • How much time is spent on your site, in addition to
  • A whole host of other metrics.

After this,  it is possible for you to optimise your SEO strategy to reach out the users online.

Social media is the new frontier for Search Engine Optimisation

Your social media pages, as well as your profiles, are crawled every day by search engine bots. So you want to ensure that these specific pages acquire a sense of authority in the eyes of the search engine bots so that, when you post links to your website on your social media forums, these will be seen as valuable. Good social media pages translate into more link clicks. Additional link clicks turn into more traffic.

Social Media Profiles Rank On The SERPs

Your social profiles, without a doubt, are responsible for influencing the content of your search results. In actual fact, a brand’s social media profiles are often among the highest achievements in search listings.

Social channels can seem to be more personal as opposed to web pages. These are a great way to get a feeling of a company’s personality without much effort which is why social media profiles are often the first port of call when people are researching a particular company.

There’s no doubt about it that your social profiles are important to Google and particularly to people who are looking for you on the Internet. A few social channels that you are active on can ensure that the experience of getting to know you and your brand online more fun, engaging and personal for users.

Social Media Channels Are Search Engines

Today, individuals don’t just go to Google or Bing to research stuff. They also make use of social media channels in order to find what they’re looking for. We need to have the understanding that search engine optimisation incorporates the search that takes place on social media search engines.

This works in a number of ways:

  • First of all, if you’re active on Twitter, it’s entirely possible that individuals will find your company’s new content-distribution app after they’ve searched for content marketing-related tweets using Twitter’s search engine.
  • In the same manner, brands which lend themselves to beautiful visual content can benefit from making sure that their content is visible in Pinterest and Instagram by making use of hashtags as well as correctly categorising their pins.

Companies need to expand their conceptualisation of SEO in order to include not only the traditional search engines –– Google and Bing –– but also social search engines.

Social media strategies to get the word out there

After you’ve optimised your website for SEO (and don’t think that this is a once-off job – SEO optimisation is an ongoing process) you can now start to broadcast your company’s message through social media.

Social media platforms have become no-brainers for digital marketers in recent times. Many leading brands have developed their social media presence in order to reach as well as connect with the customers.

As the utilisation of smartphones has increased significantly over the last few years, every brand as well as business is paying a lot of attention to social media presence. This enables users to directly contact the brands who they want to reach in a quick amount of time.

Social media marketing offers you instant results as well as recommendations in order to accelerate your digital marketing efforts. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as others come with useful tools as well as buttons to facilitate sharing and commenting.

The more the shares as well as comments that you get, the more engagement you can generate online with your customers. Putting together the perfect social media strategy for your business will give you a competitive edge over other companies in your niche. Your social media strategies should encompass:

  • Creating content,
  • Sharing with the correct user community,
  • Beginning to engage with customers as well as influencers,
  • Participating in forum discussions, as well as
  • Promoting your products as well as services.

SEO as well as social media marketing will always go hand-in-hand. This is because these two activities  yield considerable web traffic and allow you to nurture leads. You need to build your own strategy with the correct set of audience members in order to have effective ROI.

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