Why You Should Be Using Search Console In Digital Marketing

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Marketers are constantly updating their digital marketing and SEO strategies as well as being continually on the lookout for new digital marketing tools.  It’s a tough world wide web to breakthrough and get your brand noticed, therefore all digital marketing efforts have to be repeatedly monitored to ensure your efforts are paying off.  It’s a fact that every marketer is always looking to better their search engine rankings.

We know that every business can spend a large part of their digital marketing resources on generating traffic through Google however this can become quite an expensive digital marketing exercise and has to maintained and upheld otherwise your website traffic will decrease.  So, what are the other options available to deploy for an effective digital marketing campaign?  There are many digital marketing tools available however, there are effective ways to increase organic search engine traffic through SEO.

This is one of the reasons why it’s very beneficial to complete a digital marketing course so that you are well equipped to understand and implement the many digital marketing options that are currently available.

Google’s helpful resource

Google’s Search Console is a great place to start when embarking on your digital marketing campaign.  And the best news – it’s free.  Thankfully, this is a brilliant resource, especially when your digital marketing budget is taking a knock and needs to be reigned in for a while.  This helpful tool was previously known as Google Webmaster Central but has more recently been changed to Google Search Console.

Improving your site’s SEO

Being able to improve your site’s SEO is a no-brainer and is actively sought after by everyone.  As we know this can be a costly marketing exercise and oftentimes there is a need to manage your digital marketing budget effectively and conservatively.

This is where the Google Search Console comes into play as this tool not only saves you money because it’s free but it is also a great tool to maintain, monitor and – more importantly – troubleshoot your site’s performance in Google’s search engine results – the Holy Grail of all SEO and digital marketing campaigns.  In fact, anyone with a website should be using Google’s Search Console on a regular basis.

Benefits of using search console

We all love to learn about benefits, especially when it comes to SEO and digital marketing.  Understanding and becoming familiar with all the digital marketing tools currently available is key to the success of your SEO.

So, let’s take a look at the search console benefits, besides the huge advantage of it being a 100% free, before we get into how to set it up and use this tool:

  • Improve visibility – The Goole Search Console dramatically improves your site’s visibility and lets you know if your website has any usability issues – great information indeed when you’re all about SEO.
  • Receive alerts – It’s never good when there is something wrong with your site, but not being aware of a coding error, Malware or other issues is even worse. You can set up and arrange for instant alerts the second there is downtime like this.
  • Precise indexing – Sometimes you may want a new site page to show up quicker than other pages in Google research results. This search console is great to submit a new webpage by submitting it directly through the search console.
  • Link connections – It’s always helpful to know who is talking about you, and especially which sites are linking to yours. This search console allows you to do just that!  With this tool you are able to monitor your site mentions, including links.  You can also review anchor text here which helps target more effective keywords.
  • Improves keyword data – Using the correct keywords is vital to your SEO efforts, and this search console gives you great detailed keyword data.
  • Mobile analysis – Good mobile access to a site is very important to Google and the search engine continues to give preference to mobile-friendly sites. The search console’s mobile usability section shows any errors for the mobile experience with your website.

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The Google Search Console will undoubtedly help grow your SEO reach – a great bonus for your digital marketing efforts and it’s free! Want to know more about digital marketing and SEO? The Digital School of Marketing’s Digital Marketing Course will teach you this and so much more! For more information, follow this link.

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