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There are millions upon millions of new social media posts that are added every single second to your favourite social media networks. In order to make sure that your content is seen, engaged with as well as acted upon, you need a strategy that works and delivers actionable results for your business. There are a number of ways that you can stand out and ensure that your desired audience is engaged with the posts that you make.

The content which you post on social media can make your brand into a household name as well as turn your followers into loyal brand advocates. This kind of result only stems from making sure that you have a solid social media content strategy. It’s not sufficient to show up on every platform and, from time to time, update your audience when you have a spare moment.

The best way in order to stand out on social media is to isolate specific goals, put together valuable posts which align with those goals as well as distribute content on the correct platforms. After this, it is possible for you to evaluate your results and perfect your strategy over time.

There isn’t one standard social media strategy which will guarantee you success. Your strategy will be different depending on the industry that you play in as well as the audience that you appeal to. This being said, there are specific steps that you should follow in order to build out a plan which has longevity as well as assisting your brand and business in growing. These are:

  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Track meaningful metrics.
  • Create audience personas.
  • Gather real-world data.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis.
  • Engage in social listening.
  • Examine your current efforts.
  • Look for impostor accounts.

Hacks for creating great social media content

Developing content which is shareable comes down to have a good understanding of the mind of your audience. From there, it is possible for you can to then comprehend precisely what makes them tick. The better the perception is that you have of the minds of your audience, the more efficiently you’ll be able to put together content that they can’t resist sharing.

It’s essential to keep in mind that there is still living breathing human being behind that computer. Get to know them and how they think. In this way, it is possible for you to fine-tune your content so that it gets shared more often.

The psychology of why people share social media content

There are a number of key factors which cause individuals to share social media content. According to research studies, sharing is closely linked to our relationships with others in our networks. There are a number of critical motivations behind why people share social media content. These are the following:

  • To express ourselves to others,
  • To bring valuable as well as entertaining content to others,
  • To grow as well as nourish relationships, and
  • To communicate about causes as well as brands that are close to our hearts.

Other research studies made the finding that creating emotive content could result in increased sharing. It is more likely for content to be shared if it is, for example:

  • Funny,
  • Moving,
  • Illuminating,
  • Inspiring,
  • Shocking,
  • Cute, or

Three stellar ideas for creating great content

Use free keyword research tools

Search for specific topics and keywords which will inspire you in order help you to create social media content. Some tools will provide you only an essential list of keywords or issues however, in most cases, the fundamental keyword lists are all you need to inspire new social media content ideas that your community will be interested in.

Analyse competitor content by using BuzzSumo

A useful tool in order to find curated content, which you can share, in addition to ideas for new topics to write on is BuzzSumo. This tool permits you to discover the best-performing content on any subject in addition to content that is working for your competitors.

Analysing the content from your competitors can give great insight into popular topics that your target market is interested in. The data that you gather can also point you in the direction of the issues that your competitors may have only briefly dealt it and so show you topics that you can write about in greater detail.

 Set up an RSS feed with Feedly

Feedly is a fantastic tool to help you quickly as well as easily review posts from your favourite RSS feeds and search through the feeds you create with keywords. Feedly allows you to put together lists of websites to follow so that you can remain up to date on:

  • Your industry,
  • New trends and,
  • The keywords which relate to what’s attractive to your target market.

You will discover content suggestions to create new content in addition to valuable content that you can share with your community.

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