How can you manage an agile digital salesforce?

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A digital salesforce is one which uses digital channels to optimise sales opportunities. An agile digital salesforce is one that engages in phases of work, frequently reassesses its plan by setting short, achievable goals. In addition, such a workforce adapts its sales strategy accordingly.

Customers are five times more reliant on digital content than they were in the early 2000s. And since then, all online platforms have changed immensely and will continue to do so rapidly.

How can companies manage the use of these digital platforms which are ever-changing?

Keep your digital channels clean and up to date

Two out of three potential customers will visit your website and social media platforms to determine whether your product or service is worth buying. They will scrutinise your ratings, reviews, responses and online complaints. You are responsible for keeping up with the times but, more importantly, to keep your digital channels neat and functioning. Take a trial-and-error approach to establish what works and what doesn’t and adapt to how customers behave as much as needed.

Create content as far and as wide as the horizon

Internet users are looking for accurate information – it is as simple as that really. Creating reliable, accurate and meaningful content which adds value to the consumer helps your brand stand out from the rest. It drives to more traffic to your online sales channels which leads to more conversions and, ultimately, higher revenue. But remember, people are smarter than they’re often given credit for. They will be able to distinguish between a digital marketing piece disguised as a fluff piece and a relevant, informative online article. Don’t be guilty of the former as it will sever relationships faster than one can say ‘revenue’.

Keep your digital marketing agile

Digital sales has opened a world of sales opportunities in recent years and customers are savvier – more than ever before – when it comes to research. However, this does not mean companies can slack off with digital marketing efforts because customers now come to them. Quite the contrary is true. An agile digital salesforce knows the only constant in the landscape is change. Adapt your digital marketing strategy as needed or your company will be lost in the information-overloaded internet.

Digital selling is not only social selling

Digital selling includes any and all sales channels online though social selling forms a large part of the digital salesforce. Online lead generators, email campaigns and webinars and podcasts (just to name a few) can prove versatile, cost effective and innovative. Think outside of the box and keep your efforts up to date.

Today your salesforce needs to transform not just from being a digitally savvy one to one that is agile and can adapt quickly to market conditions. This is not impossible to do. All that is necessary is for your sales team to undergo the necessary training that will get them clued up in all things digital.

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