The South African Digital Marketing Landscape

Many people the world over, make the mistake of not realising that the digital marketing landscape is different depending on the country that you’re speaking of. Situations are often evaluated from a worldwide perspective. This way of looking at things isn’t ideal because it – more often than not – considers one landscape above others. This begs the following question: Where is South Africa, from a digital perspective, in 2019?

The South African digital marketing landscape is indeed very different from those seen in the rest of the world. This means that it’s important to consider this significant issue when making business decisions.  Digital marketing has revolutionised how companies operated and advertised in the past. With the innovative technology that is flooding the market every single minute of every single day, this has brought with it the necessity for digital marketing to reinvest itself to conform to the needs of the current times.

The size of the South African digital marketing industry

South Africa is one of the largest developing markets for digital marketing. This is owing to the myriad of well-known brands flocking to our beautiful and diverse nation. Well-known examples are:

  • H&M,
  • Dominos Pizza,
  • Starbucks Coffee, and
  • Zara

We are fast becoming one of the business hubs of the world. One of the major reasons for this is that South African boasts a favourable business environment:

  • The South African Reserve Bank holds itself completely separate to government, and dedicates itself to the stabilisation of exchange and inflation rates.
  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is rated amidst the top 20 in the world for market capitalism.
  • South Africa was rated first in the Global Competitiveness Index (2016) by the World Economic Forum for financing through its local equity market.
  • The globally renowned South African constitution protects foreign business in that it opens the courts to foreigners under the same terms as South Africans, and trade and industry take place in a free market economy.

What goes into digital marketing?

There are a number of sides that make up digital marketing. These are, for example, the following:

However, you can’t carry out an effective digital marketing campaign unless your company has a strong brand that sets your company apart from your competitors. The best way to build as well as nurture an effective brand image is by using a multidisciplinary method that blends owned, earned and paid media in a coordinated, digital ecosystem constructed of PR, social, search and other elements. So when you’re building your organisation’s brand, keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Target Audience
  2. Brand Promise
  3. Brand Perception
  4. Brand Values
  5. Brand Voice
  6. Brand Positioning

With the rapid growth of the digital marketing market, it is estimated that the future holds some amazing plans for South Africa. Want to take your place in this exciting world of digital marketing in South Africa?

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