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Marketing yourself on digital channels allows you to create your own, very unique, brand that completely reflects your style, your objectives and skills set.  This great news, right?  Of course, it is, but it takes a lot of hard work and consistency to successfully build your brand on digital channels.  It’s no longer sufficient to occasionally post whenever the mood grabs you.  Nowadays to become a recognisable brand on the digital channels your posts must be regular, entertaining, informative and creative.

Let’s not forget that your posts on digital channels also have to be professional and that means making sure your images are of a high resolution, your written content must be informative and if you’re posting a video, make sure it isn’t grainy and above all that it’s entertaining and relative.

Successfully branding yourself on digital channels is at the core of all digital marketing goals and as such this form of marketing must be taken seriously and should never be approached haphazardly.   Because of the importance of your brand on digital channels it’s absolutely necessary to complete a digital marketing course so that you fully understand the benefits of creating a professional brand on digital channels.

 Personal branding and engagement

There’s not much point on going to great lengths and putting a lot of hard work into branding yourself properly on digital channels if your engagement rate remains low.  By using the right methods to reach your target audience, you’ll increase engagement and therefore effectively create a lasting impression of your personal brand with your audience.  To achieve this, it’s not only no longer an option to build your brand on social media, but this can only be done by presenting your personal brand with the utmost professionalism.

Tips to brand yourself properly on social media

If you want to brand yourself properly on digital channels then social media is no longer an option.  Creating an online presence for yourself is crucial to creating an effective personal brand.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to achieve a popular brand on digital channels.

  • Be authentic – The importance of being original cannot be overstressed when building your brand online, it’s the cornerstone of digital marketing. However, it’s vital that you be authentic, honest and creative when doing this. Make sure your ‘unique’ personality shines through on every single post, in all of your engagement and remember to be transparent.  Remember the more unique your content is, the more followers you will attract.
  • Cultivate trust – Although we live in a digital age, always keep in mind that you’re still dealing with humans and as such they want, and need, to build a certain level of trust with a brand.
  • Choose your social media accounts – Once you’ve decided on which digital channels you want to focus on to build your personal brand, make sure you have considered all of the many options that are available.
  • Keep up to date – There’s a good chance that there may be ‘neglected’ accounts that you may already have on social media channels that you no longer use. Double check you haven’t left any old accounts active and get rid of any content that is no longer in line with your personal brand.
  • Expertise identification – There’s so much content available online on almost every single subject, so start off by identifying yourself online as a content specialist on your subject. Be sure to showcase your expertise in your area.
  • Remember to review – With the many time constraints on us these days, it’s important to review your post before hitting the ‘share’ button. Thinking twice before posting is always a good idea.
  • Make use of posting apps – There are so many online tools available to us which makes posting on digital channels much easier, so make use of them. It can be a little time consuming at first to but once adopted, these apps will make building your brand online much easier.
  • Be regular – There’s no point in posting online on an ad-hoc basis, consistency is key. Be regular with your posts.
  • Get creative – No one wants to read rehashed content, absolutely no one, so take time to refresh your existing content and to get really creative with new content.
  • Be positive – Good news is in fashion – and always will be. So, keep your angle positive with your posts and while building your brand online.

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