What does effective mobile marketing entail?

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‘Mobile marketing’ is a digital marketing strategy which uses multiple channels. This type of marketing is aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices. These people are reached via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media as well as apps.

Mobile is responsible for disrupting the way in which people are engaging with brands. All the tasks which can be done on a laptop or desktop computer are now accessible on a mobile device. From opening an email, visiting a website to consuming content, it’s all accessible through a small mobile screen.

How to create a mobile marketing strategy

In order to put in place specific components of mobile marketing, you need a mobile strategy. A mobile strategy should encompass:

  • Clear objectives,
  • A particular target market, and
  • The phases involved with implementing the strategy.

The tools that you’ll use in your mobile marketing campaigns will be largely determined by your objectives that you want to achieve.

A few detailed steps that you can take – when you’re outlining a mobile marketing strategy – include:

  • Define buyer/user personas. Understand your audience. This is marketing 101 and it definitely holds true when you’re creating a mobile strategy. Put together buyer personas as well as a profile for the exact types of people who will be the receivers of your mobile strategy. The main difference between carrying this out for mobile and other forms of digital marketing is the fact that you will have to contemplate how your audience uses their mobile devices. For example, when you’re creating user personas how happy do you think they’ll be with mobile features as well as functions?
  • Create very definite objectives. Don’t go big when you first outline a mobile marketing strategy. Be marketing strategy is performing.
  • Regulate how you’ll gauge success. For instance, is it going to be engagement with content? Will success be measured by sales? What are the different metrics that you’re going to be making use of which are in line with the objectives you lay out?

Types of mobile marketing

There are a number of devices that you can use when it comes to mobile marketing:

  • SMS Marketing: This is the earliest form of mobile marketing. With this method, you send messages to various phone numbers. However, this comes with a certain set of challenges including that SMS messages feel like spam.
  • MMS Marketing: The term ‘MMS’ stands for multimedia messaging service. This is a somewhat outdated form of mobile marketing. MMS marketing includes sending slideshows of images, text, video as well as audio.
  • Push notifications: Without a doubt, push notifications are one of the more efficient types of mobile marketing. Users need to have your app downloaded for the push notification to work. In addition, they have to opt-in. This being said, push notifications are a great way to stay in front of customers as well as keeping them engaged and loyal.
  • Marketing within Apps: If your company has a mobile app, this presents excellent digital marketing openings. It is possible to target customers directly within the app. In addition, you can ensure that your brand is top of their mind.
  • In-game marketing: A lot of companies will advertise and market to players within games. In addition, games are one of the most popular broad categories for apps.
  • Location-based digital marketing: Location-based digital marketing can often go hand-in-hand with push notifications. Users have to opt-in for you to be able to utilise their location. However, with using this type of digital marketing you can put what they’re looking for in front of them at the correct time.

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