What Is The Association Between Social Media And Great Customer Experience?

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Creating relations with customers via social media and the way in which these channels are managed is a significant element of the brand’s success. Social media may positively influence sales and – to a large extent – brand loyalty as well as connection.

And even though social media was first used mainly for personal use as well as to maintain personal interactions, with their progress and growing popularity these networks have become a valuable tool in order to establish a community around brands.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the importance of social media in driving customer service.

Do You Know What Customer Experience Is On Social Media?

Customer experience management (CEM) refers to the different processes that you utilise in order to oversee your customer engagements as well as manage their relationship with your business. This can be chieved through a number of ways, for instance by offering customer support services.

The ultimate result is an increase in customer satisfaction and a holistic boost to your relationship with them.

By extension, in addition CEM covers the social media domain. Managing CEM globally can be a complex task however when you break it down to the different touchpoints, you are able to better focus your efforts.

Even in the social media landscape, there are various avenues to consider. From visual platforms such as Instagram as well as YouTube to network-based models such as LinkedIn and Facebook, there’s a wide variety and utilising the correct tool to manage customer care on each of these platforms collectively is recommended.

Businesses have to develop a strong understanding of how to utilise these touchpoints across social media in order to provide their customers with an effective end-to-end experience.

What Is the Difference Between Customer Experience And Customer Service?

When the term ‘social media customer experience‘ is mentioned, it’s generally  in the same breath as customer service. However, there is a difference.

Customer experience is a much wider concept as opposed to just great service. A great customer experience comes from the hard work of an entire business, from the staff who are immediately in touch with customers via the brand social accounts, to the strategists, managers as well as product owners who make things happen behind the scenes.

Social media factors into the customer experience in all types of ways. It can be used in order to provide customer service as well as to gather direct feedback from individuals. Via metadata and trends, it can offer insights on customer behaviour and preferences. As a broadcast channel it can be used to entertain, engage and inform. And thanks to its viral nature it can connect your business with potential customers and provide spaces for brand advocacy and developing a customer community.

Social Media And A Culture Of Customer Service

Executing a social media strategy in your customer service model will allow you the chance to communicate with consumers at a level which ensures that they feel part of your story and encourages them to suggest your brand to others.

One of the significant changes which need to be made in order to execute an effective customer service strategy is an alteration in your ‘corporate’ way of thinking. Customer service should not be restricted to immediate patching of holes and solving new problems. However, it should consist of reaching out, anticipating the needs of customers before they’re even aware they have a need.

Engage And Don’t Bombard Your Customers

If there’s one thing which customers find extremely annoying, it’s that endless stream of ads which can mess with their social experience. Think hard about the message you’re attempting to deliver to them and frame it in more inventive ways that encourage mutual interaction.

Some organisations view social media as a golden ticket to enclose customers with ads. However you need to think ahead of that in order to ensure customer success as well as keep your follower and engagement count high.

If you already have a good following, your strategies will have to account for continuous and rolling engagement focused around retaining your audience. For example, through giveaway campaigns.

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