What Is Marketing 3.0?

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The marketplace is moving at warp speed. If brands would like to survive, they need to go beyond the average and become wonderful marketers who are able to connect with their customers. Unfortunately, most brands still utilise traditional, outdated as well as ineffective methods to try and connect with consumers. As opposed to staying with a process that merely feels safe, rather, every brand which wants to succeed should utilise marketing 3.0.

The term ‘marketing 3.0’refers to a marketing strategy which focuses on the customer as a human being in its totality, with material, emotional and spiritual needs. It is marketing which is capable of fulfilling humanity’s noblest instances. Those companies that adopt marketing 3.0 will have an edge as they will be able to combine a quality product/service with a mission that is imbued with positive values.

Marketing 3.0 Is A Mixture Of Cultural Marketing, Spiritual And Collaboration

Cultural marketing is associated with the phenomenon of globalisation. People are ever more linked with the world, however, retain or rediscover strong local bonds. Globalisation still poses many downsides: there are still too many disparities between the various world economies.

It follows that companies will be required to possess deep-rooted positive values, which will not be in conflict with those of their customers, merging quality products and services with ethics, as well as consideration for the environment and workers’ rights.

Spiritual marketing aims to put even greater importance upon corporate vision, which needs to give proper consideration to customers and competitors equally, who both deserve to be treated with respect. Winning customer loyalty, therefore, means leveraging the deepest of values in a clear and consistent manner.

Collaborative marketing gives customers a leading role, elevating them from simply being consumers to prosumers, capable of talking directly with the company, creating content and counter-narratives, criticising or praising a particular corporate choice (or policy) through social media. A company that practices marketing 3.0 involves its audience in product creation, listens to criticisms and complaints and takes them into account to improve its product or its behaviour.

Why Is Marketing 3.0 Important?

The concept of marketing 3.0 is of crucial importance for both companies and society as it is supposed that there is the potential to receive new, valuable insights by a number of different groups of customers through various types of communication channels. This will affect the decision-making process as well as give access to creative content not obtainable by former traditional marketing concepts

In addition, it is assumed that this marketing concept takes a step further in making the world a better place. Even though some authors raise critical claims as they fear that companies may only claim to engage into Marketing 3.0 activities while, in reality, they do not, it is likely that this marketing approach will result in higher consumer trust. Thus trust will ultimately lead to improved marketing activities through taking into account individual preferences, desires as well as needs regarding brands and product offering in addition to consumer behaviour in general. Consumers, therefore, have the benefit of receiving products which fulfil their personal and societal needs, wants, as well as desires.

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