Do Really You Know If Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs To Be Data-Driven?

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When individuals think about content, they frequently think creatively. However, in reality, great content marketing is a blend of both creativity as well as data. On the data part of the equation, our industry is still learning. That’s not very surprising. In the end, the name of the game is – quite literally – content. Many content marketers, some of whom started out in corresponding professions such as journalism, are so deeply absorbed in the content creation process that it can be challenging to turn their attention to the data aspect of things.

However, the value of data from the perspective of content marketing cannot be exaggerated. So how can marketers best include data into their content marketing strategies? It can assist to frame your thinking on the matter through lumping your data analysis requirements into two buckets:

  • Post-distribution content efficacy metrics, and
  • Data which informs content creation itself.

In other words, you need not only consider how data will assist you to determine if, and to what degree, your content is linking to its audience however also how data can assist with guiding your content creation process up front.

What Is A Good Content Marketing Strategy?

A great content marketing strategy is one which is constantly evolving as well as adding value to every prospect and customer which visits your website or social media channels online. In today’s heavily congested online marketplace, every content marketing strategy needs to be backed by data and out-of-the–box messaging for improved impact.

Putting together a well-researched piece of content takes a lot of time. This is another reason for marketers – as well as content teams – to optimise what content they elect to develop by utilising data to drive their plans, decisions as well as even final publishing standards and processes.

A data-supported content marketing strategy will not only optimise the whole content writing and content marketing process but it will improve distribution efforts and boost content consumption metrics.

How to Make Your Content Marketing Data-Driven

Truly? Yes, truly. Let’s face it, most leaders of content marketing organisations – and many other types of organisations for that matter – talk the good talk about the significance of being data-driven. It’s a great sound bite, in large part, as it’s both rooted in common sense and it symbolises the modern in ‘modern content marketing’.

However, actually being data-driven is an incredibly different thing. A fraction of organisations really nails it when it comes to having data be at the front of even most decisions. What are the secrets to making the data-driven sound bite really ring true?

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