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Whether you run a small business that requires exposure or lead a large and established corporation, Facebook marketing can be an exceptionally effective way to communicate with your exact target audience, gain exposure for your brand or product/service as well as turn quality leads into conversions.

However, many people who are starting to use Facebook for marketing make the mistake of thinking that they have to spend an arm and a leg on their budget as it will drive traffic as well as conversions through the roof overnight. That is not the case. The trick to successful Facebook marketing is to spend smarter, not more.

Set Clear Facebook Marketing Goals

You’re on Facebook for a reason. You believe that being active on the channel will help your reach the business goals that your organisation has set for the year. Here’s how to set clear Facebook marketing goals.

  • Focus on what metrics you need to track to see if your Facebook strategy is contributing to the overall business goal: The metrics that you track for Facebook need to contribute to your overarching business goal.

For instance, if your overarching business goal is to grow your audience by 50% in the next year, one of the metrics you would track for Facebook is how many followers are you gaining.

  • Use the previous year’s data to influence the goals which you set for the upcoming year: If your company has had an active Facebook page for a while, use the data from the previous year to help set your goals for the upcoming year.

Going back to the followers example, you could check and see that over the course of last year, your page gained 100 000 followers. Your goal for this year might be to gain 125 000 followers, a 25% increase over last year’s growth.

  • Ensure that your goals are realistic: It’s easy to set high goals for your team. In fact, you want your goals to challenge your team. However, your goals have need to be realistic.

That means that trying to triple your follower rate might be a bit out of reach but growing it by 25% would be more realistic.

Why Facebook Advertising Works So Well

There are tonnes of users on Facebook, however sending an ad out into the digital void doesn’t result in tonnes of conversions. The important thing about Facebook’s advertising is targeting. Facebook has the best advert targeting of any social media site.

This type targeting allows you to get super specific regarding what audience your ad reaches. If you sell garden hoses, for example, you are able to reach people who are interested in vegetable gardens as well as home improvement. If you are selling a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool, you are able to target those people who’ve arrived on a landing page on your website.

Here are some of the ways in which you are able to target your ads on Facebook:

  • Custom audiences – allows you to target current customers or leads,
  • Location – gives you the opportunity to target by location (city, province, country),
  • Gender – gives you the opportunity to target by gender (male or female),
  • Interests – gives you the opportunity to target by interest (such as fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion as well as literature),
  • Behaviours – gives you the opportunity to target by past behaviour, for example someone visiting your website, and
  • Connections – gives you the opportunity to target by people who already like your page, or who have connections who do.

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