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The notion of personal branding is not a new one. As far back as the mid-90s, executives started to make the difference between the need to build their company’s brand as well as the intrinsic value in building their own. However, fast forward 20-plus years later to this new digital era and executive branding is just a necessity for any CEO in today’s workplace.

The reality is that executive branding is not just a vital component of professional networking. It can pay dividends in promoting future career opportunities, managing your reputation as well as boosting your own organisation’s brand. Think about this: global executives assign 45% of their company’s reputation to the reputation of their CEO.

If you’ve ever wondered why particular peers or otherwise emerge out of nowhere to national fame, we can tell you it’s not because they are simply smarter than the rest of us. Chances are that it’s as they made a strategic, concerted as well as sustained effort to build their personal brand.

Start Now

There’s no point in putting off building your personal brand as it’s not going to take place overnight, so you might as well get as much of a head start as you can. Even if you’re stuck in a rut, you won’t be for long if you begin following these points. Having a personal brand, particularly in today’s competitive market, is essential for a long as well as successful career, so don’t delay.

Have Strong Values

And stick to them, naturally.

Ultimately, your values – as well as the actions you take on the back of those – are a massive part of who you are, personally and professionally. Take some time in order to think about what values you hold most dear and what defines you? What is very important to you? When you have a list (not too long, mind you) prioritise them according to which values you hold in highest regard.

However don’t forget that you need to enjoy yourself along the way.

If you really enjoy what you do, the client’s enjoy working with you and you enjoy coming into work every single day. And this becomes the culture.

Find Yourself A Niche

What is it that characterises you? Why should a customer select you over them? Having a niche in mind assists your values and your personal brand stick in the minds of your ideal customers. Have a thought about some of the most well-known personal brands in the world and then consider what makes them memorable.

Building a personal brand simply can lead to better job opportunities, better clients as well as contacts within your job in addition improved industry recognition. It’s very important to think of yourself as a brand however it’s also important to keep in mind that individuals want to interact with a human being as opposed to a self-promoting robot. If you are able to create a brand which encapsulates who you are and curate this reputation in both the virtual and physical world, you will ultimately have increased amounts of success as a rising leader in the workforce.

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