How to Design a Breath-taking Website if You’re Not a Designer

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When a website is designed very well – whether it is with a website builder or with the assistance of web designers as well as developers – the site showcases what you offer, is a support structure for your business lead generation, engages your ideal target audience and also clearly communicates that you’re a resource who people can trust. If you build an eCommerce store, you should also offer an easy-to-use and secure platform when you’re selling products.

A good website gives you the opportunity to establish a strong brand identity and to also tell your brand story as you want it told. You have utter control over every element, right down to the last pixel.

The good news is that when you’re getting started you are able to create an impressive website all on your own. What is important is that you follow certain guidelines when you build your website’s visual design to attract and keep user’s attention effectively with an easy-to-use user interface.

Choose the Tools You’ll Utilise To Build Your Website

The many tools which are available online are what make it possible for you to design – as well as construct – your own website without needing to hire a web designer.

At the moment, there are two ideal types of software which you can use to design your website:

  • Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (for example, WordPress) is the easiest tool with which you are able to design your website. That’s because it comes standard with templates, which are ready-made website designs that you can simply install and customise until you get the look which you want.

  • Website Builders

A website builder is a drag-and-drop piece of software which allows you to design a website professionally without any special knowledge. You are able to control the look of each and every element (textbox, widget, button, etc.) and can alter its design and location just by making use of your mouse.

If you want to get through designing your website quickly, you should choose a CMS. However, if you want to have more control over the design of your website, you should choose a website builder.

Figure Out the Content For Your Website

This is one aspect of the website development process in which most business owners become stuck. They become overwhelmed with questions such as: “Do I require a testimonials page?” Or do I write about us, about me, or just about?”

In essence, several standard web pages are fundamental to a good website:

  • Homepage: This is the first page which your visitors will see. Here, you should give a summary of your business.
  • About: The about page should offer an overview of your business. It should tell your visitors about what makes you unique than your competitors.
  • Services: Use this page in order to explain in detail what are the services which you offer.
  • Products: List your products here and give information about each one of them. If you have a lot of products, consider dividing them into their own categories.
  • FAQ: Use this section in order to answer questions which your customers will ask you over and over again.
  • Testimonials: On this webpage, you should include customer testimonials in order to show your visitors that you’re amazing!
  • Contact: In this section, you can incorporate all the different ways of how your visitors are contact you. You are able to include an email address, phone number in addition to your social media profile web addresses.
  • Blog: Sometimes, having a blog page is very important for building productive websites. Utilise it to post relevant blogs which your audience would love reading.

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