How To Build A Superior Content Marketing Team?

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In an era where traditional, obtrusive advertising is fast losing favour with consumers, content marketing has become a very popular alternative. It’s a very powerful way to provide value to your market while engaging them in a “non-salesy” way.

That assists with explaining why 84% of 1,500 surveyed companies say they have a content marketing strategy. However, building a content marketing team is easier said than done. You need the correct talent, the right tools as well as the correct road map.

Get More Aggressive When Looking For Creative Talent

In the end, we all use words and visuals in our content in order to draw people to our brands. If we all utilise words and visuals, then the obvious way to stand out is to hire superior wordsmiths as well as designers.

The best writers and designers are often too booked to find you. You’ll need to find them. Look for writers with journalistic backgrounds as journalists are natural storytellers who are able to make a point with fewer words. Journalists aren’t as prone to using marketing jargon.

Professional content producers and marketers need time and training in order to develop the correct skills and habits. In some instances it could make more sense to build your content team out of amateurs and point them toward resources which teach the top content marketing skills. However if this training-up process hasn’t yet created upper-echelon creatives, it’s time to go find them.

Choose Between An In-House Or Distributed Team.

This is one of the absolute most important things of creating your content marketing team. You have to decide from the beginning if remote work fits your business goals as well as management style. A lot of companies love the flexibility which remote, distributed teams are able to offer. Remote team members can really be more productive and not less.

There are obvious benefits to having a physical office. When teams work in-house, it can speed up the communication process. Also, it can build a sense of community that is sometimes lacking when you never meet your colleagues face-to-face.

Formalise Your Team’s Structure

Do you want to do casual Friday every day? Go for it, however your content team structure should stay formal all the time. If there’s no real leader when writers, designers or programmers come together on a project, responsibility will not be clear and things will likely get out of hand very quickly.

Also, your team’s structure should also change with your approach. The way in which you structure your team sends a strong message about what your team is prioritising and de-prioritising.

Establish Your Content Marketing Goals

If you’re starting a separate agency or merely building out your team’s capabilities, you require clear goals:

  • Are you attempting to rank higher in organic searches with SEO?
  • Do you want to establish your authority with highly produced videos?

Having an understanding of where you’re headed will inform how you are able to build out your content marketing team. And while your goals will change over time, they should all follow the SMART formula:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Realistic, and
  • Time-bound.

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