Should You Do A SWOT Analysis Before Starting A Social Media Campaign?

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If you’re familiar with that term ‘SWOT analysis’, don’t categorise it solely to the realm of traditional marketing. A SWOT analysis can be applied immediately to your social media strategy. Commercial entities, non-profits as well as social groups have the aim of remaining relevant as well as desirable to parties such as their customers, members as well as target audiences. S.W.O.T. stands for:

  • Strengths,
  • Weaknesses,
  • Opportunities and
  • Threats

In traditional marketing, the SWOT framework is made use of in order to analyse the internal as well as external factors that assist or hurt an organisation’s success. Even though the SWOT model has been used for many years with respect to business strategy, this model can be applied in other ways – and also to your strategy for your social media presence.

It is extremely attractive not to have a social media marketing strategy and merely to keep your social accounts updated. While this strategy seems faster as well as more efficient, you will indeed save a lot more time in the long run by having a strategy in place. Apply a SWOT analysis assist with honing that strategy so you can focus on what will bring the greatest reward to your company.

Making use of a framework – such as SWOT for social media – can assist you with conceptualising your strategy from a different angle. It also helps you with organising your thoughts around internal and external factors which influence your success in a way that keeps your strategy balanced.

The usage of SWOT in marketing

Before you go about developing a marketing strategy, it is essential that you conduct a situation analysis (or a SWOT analysis) to evaluate the health of your company. This examination serves as a valuable tool which will help you to determine your business’ strengths and weaknesses, in addition to any opportunities as well as threats that can have an impact on its health. The results can be an eye-opening as to what’s going on within your business and can also assisting with determining your business’s strategy as it is seen within the marketplace.

Definition of Situation Analysis

The term ‘situation analysis’ refers to the analysis of the internal as well as external factors of a company. This type of analysis clearly identifies a business’s capabilities, customers, potential customers as well as business environment. The impact of these factors on the company are then evaluated. A situation analysis is an integral part of any business plan and should be reviewed at set intervals to ensure that it is current.

An explanation of SWOT


The term ‘strengths’ refers to all the positive contributions to the success of an organisation. The elements which make these contributions can be either tangible or intangible. However, these need to be under the control of the company.


Weaknesses are seen as any factors within the company which prevent it from achieving the desired objectives. In other words, anything that may harm the success of the company is a weakness.


Opportunities are outside factors, which exert positive effects on – or pave the way to – the success of a business.


Threats are elements, which are external to the business, that exist as drawbacks. This means that the company needs to figure out suitable way to deals with them or adjust their plan to overcome these challenges.

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