Why Facebook Messenger Marketing Works So Well

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Social media is saturated with people, businesses, and brands all vying for attention. As a result, social media marketing can often be challenging. Competition is intense, and sometimes it can feel like you have to fight for the attention of every new customer.

Fortunately, Facebook Messenger gives you an easier way to reach new and existing customers without the added noise.

Facebook Messenger is fast becoming a widely used digital marketing tool. With millions of people logging into Facebook daily, high click-through rates, and impressive conversion rates, it’s easy to see why.

What Exactly Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing is about connecting with potential customers on Facebook’s chat platform – Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger marketing allows you to use chat-bots and enable marketing automations such as:

  • Chat Blasting – which is like an email blast for instant chat platforms
  • Drip Campaigns – which keep active customers engaged with daily, relevant messages
  • Business System Integrations – which connects customer profiles across databases

Why You Should Care About Facebook Messenger Marketing

The way people communicate has changed. We have moved away from phone calls, texts, and emails toward instant messaging apps. This is mostly due to smart-phones always being within our reach. So it makes total sense that people prefer mobile-friendly communication.

Thanks to this trend Facebook Messenger Marketing is in prime position to become the marketing channel of choice in the coming years. And organizations that adopt this method of marketing early are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors.

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing Works So Well

Facebook messenger is fast and intuitive. The responses you get are to the point and easy to read. And most importantly, people like using it. This explains why it’s such an excellent way for marketers to connect with new customers and grow their digital presence.

These are just some of the obvious reasons why this messaging app has become so universally popular. Other reasons for its success and popularity in the digital marketing industry include the following:

  • It’s Conversational

Messenger marketing is conversational. It allows you to directly and personally connect with potential customers. People tend to prefer the one-on-one conversation opportunity that only messenger marketing can offer. This explains why, unlike email marketing, where open and click-through rates are declining, messenger marketing is growing.

  • High Engagement Rates

Engagement is everything in digital marketing. Because it’s pointless, creating a fantastic marketing campaign if people ignore your email blasts, newsletters, and social media posts. While engagement rates on some forms of marketing are declining every year, messenger marketing is on the rise. Due to its direct and convenient nature, people are more likely to open and click on a messaging app message than an email. And that’s good news for any organization hoping to generate leads through online engagement.

  • Less User Risk

One of the best things about messenger apps is their seamless user experience. They can be opened on any mobile device without the need for additional software. There is no threat of viruses or spam, which is a nightmare for any user. It’s also easier to read and engage with than a wordy email or newsletter. Messenger apps are familiar, which makes users comfortable using them. And they’re automatically formatted to look great.

  • Messages Can Be Personalized

Messaging apps are much more personal compared to traditional advertising. Almost every traditional advertising method (like email, print, radio, and television) is based on one-way communication. But messenger marketing is different. By using a chatbot, the messages you send can be customized based on the links users click on as they progress through the message flow. And at any point, users can send a direct message to your organization and get a personal response from a real person.

  • It’s Better Than Text Marketing

Messenger marketing may sound a lot, like texting via SMS.  So why not use SMS marketing instead? The reason is simple – SMS is not optimized for digital marketing. Options for adding images or videos are to text messages are limited. You can’t hyperlink in text messages, and you can’t include customized call-to-action buttons.

 Final Thoughts

While Facebook Messenger marketing shouldn’t replace your current marketing strategies, it’s definitely is the way of the future. So if you want to get ahead as digital marketing moves toward messenger apps, take a social media marketing course to help you get started.  You can attract new leads and nurture existing ones, all while increasing your brand authority in the digital space.

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