What Is The Role Of AI And Social Media Marketers In A B2B Marketing Campaign?

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63% of B2B companies are encouraged to use artificial intelligence (AI) because it can reduce operational cost, while 54% of marketing executives say that AI solutions have increased their productivity. Without a doubt, AI has touched every aspect of human lives. It is no more a thing related to sci-fi movies or big laboratories only. With people already shifting to online shopping, social media marketers are trying their best to leverage AI for designing appealing B2B marketing campaigns.

The continual rise of social media marketing tools has given marketers the power to scale free-flow communication between brands as well as their customers. Shortly after, we were introduced to AI—touching and intermingling with social media marketing platforms.

Spurred on by the need to give customers exactly just what they want and when they want it to happen, AI and social media marketing strategy had to cross and overlap—thus giving marketers the enormous power to extricate customer data through connected activities.

A Shifting Paradigm

This intersection of the two marketing applications has opened up a whole new mindset regarding marketing campaigns – specifically B2B marketing campaigns. Unavoidably, with change, comes the fear of the unknown—in particular modern marketers have expressed concerns that new technology would supplant the human element of marketing, leaving most of us out of jobs. However, this couldn’t be more far removed from the truth as AI empowers social media marketers to do their jobs more efficiently and so providing more insight into the successes and failures of campaigns.

What Is The Value Of AI In B2B Marketing?

First and foremost, the greatest benefit of using AI as part of the B2B campaign is that it enables social media marketers to gather quality leads. In fact, this is the biggest challenge that B2B marketers face.

A study which involved a survey of B2B marketers suggests that the biggest expectation of marketers for AI is to assist them with determining the profitable prospects and enhancing the effectiveness of a marketing strategy that drives revenue.

An example of how valuable AI is in B2B marketing is content optimisation.

Content marketing requires continuous attention in order to keep an audience hooked. With AI it is possible to ease this burden. Using AI, The New York Times was able to build an intelligent bot that uses story engagement data in order to help the content team identify which stories to focus on or promote on any particular day. This not only allows for data-driven decision-making, but it also saves the marketing team precious time and energy.

Social media marketers are in no way handing over program management completely to AI. Rather, they are embracing highly intelligent tools to add more value to their current B2B social media marketing strategy.

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