What advertising options are there on Instagram?

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Are you leveraging Instagram ads for your business? If you’re not, why aren’t you? Running Instagram ads is a no-brainer because it provides a platform for your company and brand to tell visual stories by using various ad formats. Many advertisers have seen this channel yielding higher ROI in comparison to their other advertising campaigns.

Not only do over one billion people make use of Instagram every month, engagement numbers for the app are higher than both Facebook in addition to Twitter. It’s for this reason that we would like to walk you through the discipline of Instagram advertising in order to give you the chance to hyper-target your content to the Instagram users who count.

Small Instagram audiences still make a difference

No matter how tiny your audience is, your posts almost certainly still receive at least a few likes as well as comments. This is especially if you make use of Instagram hashtags which are relevant. And with 500 million active users which use this channel on a daily basis, it’s an enticing digital marketing channel.

The business case for learning how to make money on Instagram is strong. Not only does Instagram’s engagement demolish Pinterest and LinkedIn, but, for brands (as we’ve alluded to before) it even outperforms Facebook by a factor of ten.

Types of ads available on Instagram

Photo Ads

These are the most common type of ads which are available on Instagram as photo =0sharing is the most important feature of the platform. Photo ads require:

  • Content which is relevant to the item or service that is being promoted,
  • Creative captions which give the audience more information regarding the product/service,
  • Tags of the brand(s) in addition to people involved, as well as
  • The applicable hashtags so that the intended audience can find their way to the post quicker.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are accessible to business accounts on Instagram. These allow the brand to promote their posts by making use of paid ads.


Sponsored ads are a super way to promote contests in addition to giveaways (if any) which the brand would like to see increased participation in. As growing engagement is quite necessary, sponsored ads assist with ushering the audience towards the business’ profile.

Mapped – Guided ads

This genre of ads hasn’t been employed by a lot of brands but this basically uses the tagging option in order to direct the audience from one page to another page based on the customisation choice they opt for.

Story ads

Story ads are all about clever targeting in addition to placement. These ads appear typically while a user is switching between the stories of two different accounts. These ads are backlinked by using a “swipe up” option, which leads back to the brand’s profile or to their website.

Video Ads

Many modern-day brands create video ads specifically for digital media as the viewer rate is much higher as opposed to other mediums. Instagram characteristically allows for 30 – 60-second videos to be posted. This means that brands need to alter their video content accordingly and post full-fledged ads or teasers to the proper ad. The latter then takes them to another video platform such as YouTube.

Carousel ads

If posting only one photo or video doesn’t have the right effect carousel ads are a pretty effective alternative. These types of Instagram ads allow for a user to swipe through between three and four images which promote the same ad but make sure that they remain them engaged with the same post for a longer period of time.

Marketing your brand or company on Instagram is not only a smart idea – it’s also a convenient one. As we’ve chatted about in this article, there are many options available to a brand in order to promote their content. The manner in which things are going, there’s a high likelihood of more ad-friendly features being launched on the popular social media platform as the number of businesses on it increase.

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