Looking for Tools to Manage Your Social Media Marketing?

DSM Digital school of marketing - tools to manage your social media marketing

You can get more done while commuting, lounging, or waiting with the below-mentioned mobile apps and tools for your social media marketing. In fact, they make any marketer’s day. They provide better ways to create videos, audio, and images giving you better means to connect, engage, and share.

Social Media Marketing Tools and Apps

The PostMuse

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration. So this is a great starting point. Here, you can access social media posts and inspiration in template form. It’s a free image-editing app that can be used on iOS or Android. This includes tips and tricks, photo filters, fonts, and other tools.

Otter Voice Notes

Whether you’re on a desktop computer or iOS or Android device, Otter Voice Notes records and transcribes audio simultaneously. Furthermore it transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files. You’re be able to take voice notes, generate transcripts, and repurpose content. You could even repurpose audio and video transcripts into other useful social media content or create transcripts of podcast episodes. It never stops getting interesting!


Zest focuses on content marketing. It doubles as a content-curation tool and is a great place to search for information about specific marketing topics. Here users can pick, submit, and upvote anything they like. For instance, they can select a category, the number of clicks received as well as the number of shares, video, and audio. The great news is that the app is free. Since Facebook algorithms have begun limiting the content you see websites like Zest have become important.

The Listen Notes

Listen Notes is a search engine designed to help you find content people, places, and topics. But when it comes to a podcast name search, Listen Notes may not be the best tool. With this tool, you’ll not only find podcasts but also create playlists and share content.


Tell your stories better. This is a browser-based tool that offers you professional templates for your Instagram and Facebook Stories which means that it will help loads in your social media marketing. So don’t worry about not being a graphic design guru because this tool will do the work for you. After selecting a template, you can edit the font, colour scheme, the actual image, and more.


This tool is also Twitter orientated. It gives you an analysis of audience interaction. It can measure your influence by looking at followers, retweets, likes, and lists. If you check your free SparkScore report on the same day every week, you’ll have a snapshot of whether your Twitter engagement is up or down.

Vimeo Stock Video

Its library is a brilliant resource for B-roll footage (which typically plays during a voiceover or transition).  It includes motion graphics, travel-related footage and aerial shots on a royalty-free basis. You’ll have 4K worth of footage available should you need it. Vimeo Stock Video offers high-end stock video that can help your videos stand out compared to the stock most people use.

Snap Camera

This is a desktop app from Snapchat that allows you to use its augmented reality lenses on your desktop computer. Perfect for someone wanting to get ahead in social media marketing!

Crop Video

Crop Video changes landscape videos into perfectly cropped vertical or square videos.


It gets exiting and super creative! MoviePro is an iOS video-recording app with all of the typical recording features. It’s Bluetooth enabled, it monitors audio and has a (720p, 1080p, or 4K) resolution.

Clipping Magic

For the so-not-ideal backgrounds now you can remove them altogether. It works like Photoshop, just much quicker and easier.

DSM Digital school of marketing - tools to manage your social media marketing

The Kapwing Instagram Story Template

Kapwing Instagram story templates is a web-based tool for creating professional Instagram stories. When you want to maintain consistency and a polished style the possibilities are endless:

  • You could add two pieces of content to each segment,
  • Write a text caption for a video, or
  • Create any other combination.


Give your videos spellbinding geometry. Make its movement fascinating by adding special effects.

Video Resizer for IGTV & frame

Want to resize your videos for Instagram TV (also called IGTV)? Then check out the Video Resizer for IGTV & frame iOS app. This free app can change landscape or square videos to a 9:16 ratio for IGTV and is free.

Quik for mobile

Quik for mobile is a free video-editing tool from GoPro which is available on iOS or Android. It has a Quik interface, with both basic and advanced features, basic video editing, adding photos, videos, music, and text, and trimming shots manually or automatically so helping you create quality stories.


This is a free stand-alone video recording and editing app for iOS or Android. It enables you to record and edit your video in one place without the use of several other apps.


This app helps you create mock-ups of social media posts for previews before publishing. The beauty is that it previews posts on many social channels via both instead of just one. Synchronicity is everything.

The Emoji Builder

For creating distinct emojis for your marketing campaigns, check out emoji builder by @phlntn. The free, web-based tool lets you choose a face colour, mouth, eyes, and more for your different emojis.


Avoid scrolling through Instagram when trying to manage social media. IG:dm is a free app that adds features to macOS, Windows, and Linux computers.

Gfycat Gmail Add-on

When using Gmail, the Gfycat Gmail add-on lets you reply to emails with GIFs.

The Juicer

The app totals social media posts based on hashtags or searches terms for re-sharing. It gives you an option to determine which hashtags or search terms you want to pull together from different social media channels using a WordPress plugin or an embedded code from Juicer.

iA Writer

Focus is everything so this app affords just that especially when writing. So this tool is designed just for that, whether you’re writing blog posts, meeting notes, outlines, podcast show notes, tweets, Facebook posts or texts.


For repurposing online articles as videos, try Lumen5. This is a free browser-based app and allows you to edit the images, text, and video transitions on each slide. In about 30 minutes, you’ll have a tailored slideshow that can be export to video.

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