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In the past number of years, the number of social media networks has increased. It will likely continue to do so in years to come. As these networks continue to gain in popularity and usage, social media marketing will become more and more essential to include in digital marketing strategies.

For many B2B and B2c organisations, some of these social platforms are included in their marketing campaigns. Managing several social media accounts, – including creating content, tracking content and data and scheduling – may be a much more challenging task than you might expect.

For organisations that have limited resources and time, this can become difficult to manage effectively. Luckily, there are several ways to use your time and efforts more efficiently.

Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy

A super successful social media marketing strategy means having a well-thought out plan which guides you in everything from appealing to users, engaging fans and followers as well as organising and researching. The eventual goal is to convert your followers into paying customers. On top of that, it’s vital to stay on top of the constant changes which go with the nature of social media. You need to adapt your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Be Organised

Being organised can often make challenging tasks simpler. A social media marketing calendar is the best place to keep ideas and posts outlined as well as organised. Have one location for your social media schedule that includes which platform something will be posted on, the time it will be published, what the content is as well as the link and any additional notes.

For an efficient social media marketing strategy, you do not want to publish several posts at once but rather schedule them throughout the week. This way, it doesn’t overwhelm your audience with everything be posted at one time.

Having an organised schedule allows you the opportunity to visualise when everything will be posted and this can prevent pushing too many pieces of content out at once. When you go back to create new posts or log new ideas, this can be the single location to go to.

Ensuring consistent messaging across posts can be easy to see in this view as well. There are a number of unique ways for you to create a social media calendar, but to get you started, check out these ideas. It can be as straightforward or as comprehensive as you would like it. Making sure it works for your team is what matters the most.

Humanise Your Brand

As much as all the digital innovations in the world have made it easier for us to communicate, it is the emotion which we miss out on. By the term ‘humanise your brand’ we mean that you need to go beyond the glass tops of the digital screens. Show your target audience what goes in your office, introduce them to your employees and clearly show the humans behind your brand.

Remember that brand stories are definitely not ads or sales pitches. They help the audience to connect to your brand. Your stories tell your audience what you stand for. In addition, they display your culture as well as your values to the outside world.  For example, share your plans for Friday, share the fun team-building activities you have or let employees take over the social media for a period of time and connect to the audience.

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