Social Media Is A Needed Marketing Tool To Navigate Through COVID-19

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Social media has been driving many of the conversations around the COVID-19 global crisis. People continue to turn to social in order to share their experiences, information as well as feelings about this unparalleled situation. According to data released by Twitter, COVID-19 related Tweets are being shared every 45 milliseconds. In addition, #coronavirus is now the second most-used hashtag of 2020.

This communication is powerful, however not nearly as strong as when the conversation turns into the real connection among distant and sometimes unrelated individuals. People are using social to reach out, assist others and create significant relationships during this time of uncertainty.

The Role Of Brands In Social Media Communication

There is a significant role that brands have to play in facilitating connections on social media. Recent research shows that 91% of individuals believe in social media’s power to connect people. A further 78% of consumers would like brands to make use of social in order to assist people to connect with each other. Those numbers send a clear message to organisations as they navigate a crisis that is so much bigger than their brands: create connection through relevance.

If you find yourself needing inspiration as well as encouragement, please do not hesitate to reach out (virtually) to your local community of fellow entrepreneurs. We are all in this together, so try to set aside some time in order to:

  • Share a couple of stories,
  • Trade information about what’s doing well, and
  • Build a more powerful sense of camaraderie with your colleagues.

Stay Connected

It’s also important to remain connected to your customers as well as supporters, too. Here are several methods in which you can do this.

Keep People Updated

No matter what kind of business you’ve got—whether you run a hairdresser, a clothing shop, or a stall at the nearest farmer’s market—there are lots of people out there who would like to hear from you.

Consider including a sign-up form on your site and sending frequent email updates to keep the conversation alive with your customers, fans as well as friends. Not only does this help you to keep people in the loop about any modifications to your hours or availability of products, but it’s also a wonderful way to let them know how they can support you during this challenging time.

Strengthen Bonds With Your Community

At the moment, a lot of people are having to adjust to new daily routines. For some, this may mean working at home, for others this could also mean taking care of (or home-schooling) their kids.

If you’re able to offer any resources or services—even if it’s just a free, downloadable colouring book to help keep kids entertained—consider creating a landing page to help you easily share it with those who are in your community.

There are a lot of diverse ways in which social can be of use to your business.

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