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Automation has completely revolutionised the way marketing happens. Nowadays, content marketers can leverage automated programs that spit out gorgeous graphics and engaging copy within seconds. So, the truth is that businesses don’t even have to create their own social media marketing content. However, these automated content generation platforms literally cost an arm and a kidney, and they don’t have that human touch people resonate with on social media. So, if you’d prefer to craft authentic, personal social media content – continue reading:

Craft authentic, personal social media content

  • Gather useful resources

Before getting started with your social media content development, you’ll want to gather all of the company resources that you think could add value to your social media offerings. Things like company profiles, product photos, staff photos, and company logos can all be used in some way or form on social media platforms, and can be chopped up to create smaller individual pieces of content.

  • Find the right tools

You’ll also want to make sure you have the tools to actually create the content you’re hoping to share with your followers. You don’t need to hire full-time graphic designers and copywriters. There are free online tools to help you with this! If you need stock photographs, you can use websites like Unsplash.com and 123rf.com to source them. To do the actual designs, canva.com won’t let you down!

  • Monitor the market

Struggling to think about ideas for your social media marketing content? Brands in all industries – since the dawn of commerce – have participated in social listening activities to marketplace information. By monitoring your competitors and the thought leaders in your industry, you’ll get an idea of what is trending in terms of social content design and copywriting. It’s about seeing what’s out there, and putting your own spin on it.

  • Write from the heart (humanistic, authentic writing)

Another important point to remember is that ‘salesy’ writing is something that died in the early 2000s. People can tell when your writing is selling something, instead of just sharing information. You don’t need a professional copywriting qualification to write from the heart. Just be open, honest, and type as you would to a friend or acquaintance – in an authentic, humanistic tone. Just remember to read over your copy for spelling errors before posting your content!

  • Work smarter, not harder

Finally, you’ll really be able to simplify your life, and reduce the time you need to create social media marketing content, by working smart – not hard. Do this by sharing relevant content that you come across while scrolling your news feed. This associates your brand with the brand you’re sharing content from, and who knows – it might be the catalyst that forms a new relationship between you and a large industry player.

Creating your own social media marketing content is challenging at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it – you’ll wonder why you were ever apprehensive about it!

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