How to navigate social media marketing during COVID-19

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Humanity hasn’t seen a global disaster on the scale of COVID-19 since the Great Depression. As far as curveballs go, this pandemic, and the sweeping lockdowns across the globe that followed it – has taken the cake (and the table the cake stood on). However, the marketing world must go on because the commercial world must go on. So, in light of the recent COVID-19 disruption, here’s why social media marketing is so important right now – and two solid ways to ensure your brand can successfully navigate the coronavirus storm:

Why social media is important now

Lockdowns mean that people are sitting at home, consuming digital content on their smart devices while they wait for the all-clear to continue “normal” life without the worry of getting sick. There is an air of concern in the air, and people are turning to their social media accounts to find comfort. This has made social media a hot marketing platform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Demand for more online content

More people are online consuming more content than ever before in history. People want more content to keep them occupied, but they also NEED informative content to keep them up-to-date on what is happening in the world outside of their doors.

  • The influencer industry is booming

Influencers across the impact spectrum are the solution to rapid, affordable growth on social media during COVID-19. They have large networks of loyal followers and are likely willing to reduce their prices in light of the pandemic.

  • Small efforts are leading to results

On social media, a single small action can become a snowball that rolls and rolls and rolls – hopefully leading to leads. Small actions have big impacts if marketers can stay tuned to the trends of the day, and put out content that people want at the moment.

Two ways to rock social media during COVID-19

The number one rule about social media marketing during COVID-19 is this: don’t focus on the doom and gloom. Your followers know the situation is bad, and they don’t want to be reminded of it with every finger swipe of their news feed. Keep it positive, keep it productive, and keep it about the customer’s needs – not the sale.

  1. Focus on growing relationships

When people are sad, they reach out for a hug. Only when they feel that caring warmth are they able to feel a bit better. Social media users desperately want brands to care about them – now more than ever. Over-selling your products or services at this time is likely to end up in lost followers. Focus on the individual, and if their needs are being met, and if not – see how you can assist. This will grow strong relations between the brand and its followers.


  1. Start partnering with influencers

As mentioned above, the influencer market is booming during COVID-19 and the global lockdowns. Think about influencers as the biggest fans you never knew you had. They can promote products or services through their networks, which are often YouTube channels or Facebook pages. Influencers are negotiable at the moment and are seen as thought-leaders by their followers. For this reason, it’s good to research your influencer and their market before deciding on one to use.

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