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Social media is a phenomenal tool for keeping brands connected to their customers however it can also be a very powerful driver of direct sales activity. Do you utilise social media in order to attract customers as well as increase sales? If so, have you ensured that your social media profiles are contributing to your sales funnel rather than each being a standalone element?

While social media has strictly been around for approximately 40 years, however it wasn’t until after Facebook launched that companies started paying attention it as an extremely powerful tool for marketing. It utilised to be that branding would be focused on print media, broadcast ads as well as newsletters (email and flyers). The addition of social media suggested that companies now had another way of connecting with their consumers.

Brand Consistency Across All Marketing Touchpoints Poses A Challenge For Every Company

Brand consistency across social networks poses an equal challenge. How do you ensure that you’re writing in a similar tone in your email marketing, one which matches your brand’s voice in TV ads? How do you distinguish between how you speak to those two audiences, if at all? How do you make sure that customers are able to recognise your brand even if it’s the first time that they are seeing you on social media?

A brand is far more than a logo or set of colours, and it’s so much more than a social media cover photo. A brand is how you make your clients feel, and it’s built by taking a stable approach across every interaction that they have with your brand.

Be Human

One of the worst mistakes that you can make on social media is appearing as a faceless corporation with zero personality. In the modern age of transparency which we find ourselves in, people want to get to know your company on a far more personal level.

Many of the brands today crack jokes and aren’t afraid to talk to their followers as if they would their friends. While brands were once lambasted for coming off as robots, a human social media presence has become an anticipation among many followers.

In the same fashion, showing off the human side of your brand means that you need to show off the faces who are behind your social feeds. Whether it’s snapshots or office photos of your team ‘in the wild’, getting personal with your followers who are able help you form a much-needed connection.

Utilise Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is one of the best effective ways to create cross-channel brand recognisability, however rather than just re-using the same content across as many channels as you can, consider using a more creative approach.

Each platform is different. The ways in which people engage on each are also different. This means that you need to align with each app’s best practices in order to maximise your content appeal.

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