How to Improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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Facebook offers so many opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers because of the sheer number of people who use the social media platform. Reaching these people is a bit of challenge, though, especially since Facebook has made changes to what people see on their news feeds. The change in Facebook’s algorithm means that people see more personal content and less public posts from businesses. While this is a welcome change for users, it has been a rather unwelcome change for businesses.

Despite it still being harder for businesses to reach their target markets than it used to be, Facebook Ads has provided a solution to the initial problem. Most businesses know the importance of paying for ads to reach their target markets but they also know that paying for these ads does not necessarily guarantee success. The same is true with Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

The best way to make the most out of Facebook Ads though is through targeting. Targeting the right message to the right customer is the key factor for a successful campaign. Targeting, however, is about a lot more than just the general demographics of your target market. Proper, specific targeting will make your ads more successful, lower your overall cost of running the ads, improve your return on investment (ROI) and boost your bottom line.

Setting Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns Up For Success

When you set up your ad, Facebook will ask you to select the basic demographic information for your target market, such as location, age and gender. Although this is a good starting point with targeting, it cannot be the only options you use to target your audience because your audience will still be too large.

If your ad is directed at too broad a market, then you will be setting yourself up for failure. As a perk, Facebook offers a free social media course on targeting options which is worthwhile having a look at.

Targeting The Specifics

It is essential to be as specific as possible when targeting your audience. This means you really need to know your market.

The best way to narrow down your market is by defining the interests of your ideal customer. With Facebook Ads, this can be done by selecting a specific interest from the list provided. There are thousands of different interests that you can choose from. These can all be found in your ad settings under the ‘Interests’ section.

This handy tool gives you a description of the interest and how many people on Facebook currently share it. Selecting only one interest will probably still give you too broad a market though so you will need to select multiple interests or pair this with other targeting methods like finding people who are already looking for your product or service.

As scary as it sounds, Facebook has the ability to tell if someone is searching online to buy something, so, with data like this, the social media giant can identify your ideal customers who are already looking to buy your products or services.

There is a section called ‘Behaviors’ in Facebook Ads that you can select to use this service. There are a lot of different purchasing options that you can choose from:

  • Targeting people by their income level is also a good category to use. If your product or service is targeted at a specific income level, then your ad should be targeted in the same way. Facebook gives you the option to target customers through 30 different financial behaviours.
  • Other targeting categories to use include where your audience works, if your target audience owns or rents their homes, their level of education, their ethnic group, whether they have children or not; travel behaviours; political beliefs and so on.

The more categories you complete, the better your chances of narrowing down your market and reaching the right people.

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Facebooks Ads can very effective if used correctly. Having access to billions of people on Facebook offers endless possibilities, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should try and target them all. Facebook Advertising Campaigns give you the tools you need to perfectly define your target market so that you can reach the right people. As long as you know and understand your market, you can use these tools to reach them. The Digital School of Marketing’s Social Media Marketing Course will help you get more in-depth knowledge about how to use Facebook Ads.

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