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There’s a good reason why Facebook bought Instagram back when they did. It is the fastest growing social media channel, and more people from more walks of life are starting to use it. Instagram is now a powerful personal and business branding tool, second only to Facebook itself. The great thing about Instagram is that brands can integrate their Facebook accounts, and can share content between the two platforms with ease. The challenging part of maintaining a successful Instagram presence is getting your bio just right. This article offers a few tips on getting your Instagram bio in tip-top shape!

Tips on getting your Instagram bio in tip-top shape

1. Start with your name

First things first; access your Instagram account and have a look at your profile. In the NAME field, you should ensure that it is, in fact, your actual name (we’re not talking about your username here). Instagram lets people search for you, but only by name or username. So, if they don’t know your username, and they search for your name but it’s not been filled in, they won’t find your account.


2. List your skills

The next thing to do is know what a bio is and isn’t. A business Instagram bio is completely different from a personal bio, and writing them both, in the same manner, is ineffective. Be sure to say exactly what your business does, and what your unique skills are that set you apart from your competitors. There’s no need for superfluous waffling on your bio. Get to the point and then do it fast!

3. Include your email

What about contact information? We know what you’re thinking. Why include your contact details in your bio when they’re already in your profile. The reasoning is simple. People are inherently opposed to effort. So, there’s a good chance they won’t take the time to look for your contact information unless they need your services immediately. This means that, by including your email address into your bio, people who read it will have your details right there to screenshot or copy down for later.

4. Use emojis to your advantage

Who wants to see a whole bunch of text in a bio, right? Just like our willingness to kick away from the effort, humans are also opposed to things that don’t stimulate our senses. Granted, someone could read the really descriptive essay you wrote as a bio, but those people are few and far between. Make sure that your Instagram bio POPS by using a few emojis here and there. They will add colour to your bio, are instantly recognisable, and give the general impression of fun.


5. Include branded hashtags

Don’t have any branded hashtags just yet? No problem, they’re not rocket science! A branded hashtag can be anything from your slogan made into a hashtag (#LifeTastesGood), to something you’ve made up that is unique to your brand (#PepsiLovesMe). These should be included in your bio, but don’t overdo it. You’ll want to keep these hashtags in mind when posting content, so be sure to use them as part of your post copy.


6. Include calls to action (CTAs)

As a finishing touch to round off your Instagram bio, consider including some form of a call to action. This can be anything from DM FOR DEETS, through to something like TAKE THE LEAP or START YOUR AMAZING TODAY. You’re essentially challenging your reader to do something, or take action in some way. For example, CTAs work well with links, so you could even add a link to your business website.

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