How To Choose Social Media Tools To Quickly Grow Your Brand

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Brands, organisations, and institutions make use of social media platforms every single day in order to connect with their audiences, raise awareness as well as drive leads and business.

With an involved following on a couple of the chief social media networks, brands are able to effectively spread the word about campaigns, new initiatives as well as new products and services. However, just having 1 000 Facebook fans or 200 Twitter followers is not the absolute best indicator of social media success.

It’s very possible to have thousands of social media followers who never read your posts or click on your links. The key is to building a thriving online community of your ideal fans, the ones who’ll actively engage with you and your content, share it with their networks, and eventually, become paying customers.

It takes work in order to establish such, but that effort can pay off, big time.

The Nature Of The Social Media Landscape

The social media landscape is more complicated, diverse as well as competitive than it used to be. It is populated by myriad of businesses who are vying for the attention of consumers. As the gaining of customers is a top priority for digital marketers, social media is a lot more about sharing and connecting as it is about advertising as well as profits.

Great social media doesn’t just take place overnight. It’s not just a sprinkle of mentions as well as a pinch of evergreen content. Unfortunately, there’s no magical social media recipe. Great social media is just like any other marketing strategy – carefully crafted, measured, managed in addition to founded on a strong as well as clear strategy. In order to deliver on your strategic vision you need to be up to date with the latest trends, practices as well as tools. Social media schedulers make remaining active and engaging on social media simpler for us mortals, making our load much easier and paving the way for improved impact.


This social media management platform is phenomenal for hands-on social media listening. It allows you the opportunity to monitor mentions as well as keywords so that you are able to determine how successful your campaigns are, or your followers’ predispositions towards your brand, product or service.

Another perk of this tool that we find particularly valuable is that you can skim through an aggregated list of your followers’ questions across the social media platforms you are active on and quickly post your replies via the platform. It certainly saves you a lot of time.


This social media management tool allows you to assign inbox messages to members of your team. Another useful thing about this tool is that you can take notes on users.


A video-making platform, Biteable makes it possible for even newbies to create video content for their social media profiles. We find it quite useful for creating infographics, explainer videos and video ads. You are able to choose a scene, edit the colours and add text to create unique, super-shareable video content in no time.

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