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A dominant social media presence is one of the most valuable tools a small business can have at its disposal. Social media has redefined customer service as we know it, and it is the responsibility of all small business owners to jump on the bandwagon and optimise their social media marketing strategy. In doing so, small businesses will find that social media is more advantageous to business than one might expect. Many companies are making use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to elevate their brand and spread their message to a broader audience. Here are some ways social media can help small businesses grow in 2020:

Ways Social Media can help a small businesses grow

Broader Audience

Social media is extremely popular. In fact, almost half the world’s population engages on at least one social media platform. As the popularity of these platforms grows, so does the audience that can potentially be exposed to your brand. Social media is crowded with highly targeted customers of all ages and demographics, who are already on the platform and waiting for you to set up shop!

Generates Brand Awareness

These highly targeted customers are those likely to buy again, who can also spread awareness about your brand through word of mouth. Social media draws these customers to your business and allows you to build strong relationships with many readers that can help grow your brand exponentially.

Two-way Communication

Social media provides users with information about businesses and businesses with information about their customers. A simple question asked in the form of a tweet could reveal the interests and thought processes of your customers. This information sets up the perfect link to really connect with your customer base on a deeper level.

Customer Service & Support

The existence of these two-way communication channels allows businesses to give instant feedback on any questions or issues customers may have. This is a great way to showcase how much you care about each follower’s customer experience and ensure that each online consumer touchpoint provides significant engagement with your brand.

Low Cost

Anyone can set up a social media account and start selling their brand, but it may take months or even years to gain a following. Luckily, many social media platforms offer extra advertising packages that are cheaper than traditional ad campaigns and have great potential to reach a broad audience.

Human Element

Social Media grants small businesses the opportunity to humanise their brand and build meaningful connections with their customers. Showing passion for your brand and projects is a great way to gain a loyal following on social media.

Partnerships with Influencers

People talk on Social Media – a lot! What you really want is for them to be talking about your brand. An excellent way to get your message out there is to enlist the help of someone with a large following (micro-influencers) to promote your business on their social pages.

Increase in Sales

Regardless of what you are selling, social media is one of the best ways to sell it. The amount of online resources available to business owners that elevate sales is astounding, making social media pages crucial elements of a company’s sales funnel.

Social Media presence is invaluable,and every small business could use the head start provided by going digital. Do not hesitate to start communicating with the market you are entering, and making use of all the online resources available to elevate your business. Above are just a few examples of the advantages of using social media.

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