How Is Clubhouse Offering New Social Media Marketing Opportunities?

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It’s not too often a new social media platform launches however, when it does, early adopters are able to really benefit. Those who were among the first to sign up to Instagram when it launched back in 2010 reaped all sorts of benefits such as:

  • Obtaining a much-sought-after Instagram handle and an abundance of new followers right from the beginning,
  • Being found much more easily on the platform owing to less noise and competition.


The list doesn’t stop there. And any time a new social platform materialises, it also comes with new marketing opportunities.

What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, which is an invitation-only audio-chat iPhone app, is still so new that it is not yet too saturated. And taking into account the fact that people need a personal invite to join so if you are able to get one, now is the time to start an account and then start building a following.

This invite-only chat app has a reported $1 billion valuation and is quickly becoming the talk of the tech world. And marketers are using is too. Recently, Burger King’s parent company – Restaurant Brands International (RBI)-  hosted a one-hour-long chat with executives just a day after reporting its full-year and fourth-quarter 2020 earnings results.

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Delivering A Unique Social Media Experience

Clubhouse delivers a social experience that is very similar to an audio-only virtual event on a huge scale. At the moment, there are roughly 1 million users on Clubhouse and, at any given time, there are a few thousand rooms where individuals from around the world are holding conversations about different industries, professions as well as interests.

The voice-only restriction is similar to podcasts, which are listened to on demand however the fleeting nature of Clubhouse’s content plays on FOMO as the conversations take place live and are not recorded for playback. If you’re not in the room, you will miss out on what’s happening. This means that people are spending a lot of time on the app, anticipating and also looking for conversations about topics which they’re interested in—whether it is to listen or share from the stage.

If you’re a marketer or you own business owner, this presents a superb opportunity to establish yourself or the brand which you work with as a go-to resource and to promote products, services or – alternatively – events. Clubhouse presents opportunities for you to share your brand story or your founding story, connect with customers, get product feedback, run impromptu focus groups as well as generate marketing awareness are ready for the taking on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is just one of the social media platforms that you can add to your digital marketing mix.

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