Facebook vs LinkedIn: What’s Best for Business?

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The saturation of available social media platforms today is enough to confuse anyone; with no exception to even the most knowledgeable business owner. 

 The questions are many, like which is the best? Or even better, where do you start, and how does one actually avoid platforms that fail to bring in the desired ROI?

Who knew that having so many choices could be this difficult? Take Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, there’s a significant difference between the two. 

 You may wonder how because yes, fundamentally both platforms provide you with several opportunities to reach your audience and they are also both people-based. 

Well, it’s mainly because on hand, Facebook is more social, and laidback, on this platform you can share anything you like vacation pics or the random ones. It’s where you connect with old friends and make ones. 

While, LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a professional network which was originally a corporate recruitment platform. 

However, many other features like private messaging, status updates and blogging has become a part of it. 

Or you could simply use it for keeping an eye on industry heroes and trends.


Hmmm; so which should your business focus its efforts on?

Facebook vs LinkedIn: Who’s best for Business?

We’ve listed a few facts: 

LinkedIn- Better for Lead Generation.

 We can argue about this or not. 

Yet, various trusted marketing reports state that LinkedIn is by far the best social network for business lead generation, however, Facebook sits in first place when it comes to selling consumer goods to engaged shoppers. 

LinkedIn tends to have a more professional clientele or those with a deep interest in business, while Facebook is more public-facing. 

In Users, Facebook Wins Hands Down

Facebook has a remarkable 2.38 billion and counting active users across the globe with audiences spending nearly as much as 35 minutes on the platform each daily. 

Viewing posts and engaging with friends, whereas users on LinkedIn spend only 17 minutes a month using the site.

And yes, that could be argued by saying viewers log into LinkedIn, looking for specifics, compared to Facebook where the downside is that most audiences are aimlessly scrolling around. 

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups

Both platforms have the Group feature, and this presents businesses the chance to socialise and connect with the audience and like-minded businesses. 

However, bear in mind the different reasons as to why people visit these various sites. 

Users in LinkedIn Groups have a work-related mind-set.

Whereas, there’s a different texture in the tone of engagement in Facebook Groups. 

Because here individuals are more likely to share personal opinions on subjects like food, interests and lifestyle choices. 

So, base your advertising and marketing efforts on the specific mind-set on your desired audience. 

Facebook Ads vs LinkedIn Ads

Both platforms provide a varied range of ad types, including video, carousel, and lead ads. 

Facebook has an excellent user base, meaning your ads will have more chances of reaching more people. 

With Facebook, you can target your audience based on personalised information, such as behaviour or milestones, whereas LinkedIn comes with its own targeting capabilities, and it’s, in fact, better at lead business generation.

Ads aspect of both platforms:

When it comes to targeting, you’d be correct in thinking Facebook has a better capability of reaching more people, you’re right. 

Although, that doesn’t mean, LinkedIn lacks powerful targeting capabilities.

Some Similarities:

· Both platforms allow you to target people based on job titles

· Household income

· Company 

· Location and age.

For B2B:

Remember, information on LinkedIn tends to be more up-to-date than the information on Facebook

Cost as The Ultimate Deciding Factor

We won’t beat around the bush. You’ll often get more for your money on Facebook. 


Only, because it has more active viewers online who spend a considerable amount of time on the platform, and this affords Facebook advertising a more affordable rate.

Who Wins? You decide!

You can base that decision on the type of industry you are in, the audience you want to reach and what your marketing goals are. 

Because at the end of the day, both sites offer prised opportunities for business growth. 

Yet, in whichever case, you may use this article as a guiding factor. 

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