What are Facebook groups?

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‘Facebook Groups’ refers to spaces on the social media network where friends, acquaintances or people who have similar interests can discuss or share about topics. Groups provide an arena for organic discussion about your company. These present an opportunity to cultivate brand awareness.

Businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes – including small one-person shops on Etsy – can create and moderate groups for their customers or target audience. These groups can have an influential impact on the users as well as on your business.

Facebook Groups: The Basics

Here are some fast facts about Facebook Groups:

  • Any user of Facebook can set up a Group.
  • Some Groups allow anyone join however others may be private.
  • When you join a Group, whether it be private or public, your Facebook friends could see that you’ve joined it.
  • Some Groups are secret, which means that you can’t search for it. In this case, a qualifying Group member has to invite you to join.
  • If you leave a Group the other members will not be notified.
  • Only the person who creates the group, as well as anyone who they make an admin, has the ability to invite someone to a Group.
  • It is possible for you to create events, upload pictures/video as well as share files in a Group.
  • You can delete a Group by taking away all the members.

Why You Should be Using Facebook Groups For Your Business

Facebook Groups allow you the opportunity to showcase your expertise as well as the level of dedication that you have. These qualities will be clearly visible to your customers as many will be asking questions that are visible to other group members. Through the process of answering these queries, encouraging as well as requesting feedback, and producing networking opportunities, you can develop valuable personal relationships with your customers so that they will ensure that they keep them coming back. You don’t just want people to purchase from you once. You want them to move through loyalty to advocacy and a Facebook group can help you do that.

The new Facebook algorithm has lowered the reach of most Pages. Interestingly enough, it has given group postings more priority. While your business Page’s reach has gone decreased exponentially, your business’s group postings have the potential get to the top of your members’ newsfeeds. By making use of Groups in the correct manner, you’ll be able to more steadily get the content that your generate higher in the newsfeed than you have been able to do in years.

Your Facebook group is ultimately a focus group of your best customers as well as your potential customers. This means that it can be an important source of valuable opinions and insight which can help you isolate pain points, zoom in on what your customers like best, and even design new product ideas.

Make use of social listening techniques in order to get a sense of what matters most to the members of your group. If you’re looking for particular information or opinions on one topic, try posting a poll within the group to measure responses numerically.

When you merge this with all the other benefits of Facebook Groups, it’s evident why they bring so much value to the table even though they are a time investment when executed correctly.

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