5 Tools to improve your Instagram marketing efforts in 2020

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There are around 1 billion active users of Instagram, and half of them use the social media platform on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that countless businesses and personal brands use the influential networking tool to market themselves! Well-crafted marketing messages can spread like wildfire on Instagram, starting new trends that can either make or break brands in the modern interconnected and always-on digital society. Let’s take a look at five reliable tools to improve the way you market on Instagram in 2020.

  • Pablo

Looking to craft stunning Instagram graphics without the price tag that comes with a full-time graphic designer? Try Pablo. This tool allows you to upload your own (or stock) photographs, and use the app’s tools to edit, add text, and polish off. Dimensions can be changed on the fly, and there are countless templates to glean inspiration from.


  • Gleam

Who doesn’t like competitions and giveaways, right? The same is true for Instagram users, some of whom scroll the social media platform daily to find chances to win something. Gleam lets you set up and run competitions on Instagram, and you can even set up rewards programmes for your loyal Instagram followers.


  • VSCO

Not satisfied with the filters Instagram offers to edit your photos with? VSCO might just be the app you’ve been looking for. It comes with tonnes of filters and presets, and gives Instagram business account holders double exposure for their content – on Instagram as well as the VSCO community where other VSCO users can see a brand’s photographs.

  • LeeTags

Instagram is all about stunning visual elements and hashtags. The right combination of hashtags can be the difference between an enquiry and a scroll-past. LeeTags is a fantastic tool that does the hashtag research for you. Simply type in a few keywords about your brand and the type of post you’re sharing, and the tool will offer up the best hashtags to use.


  • PromoRepublic

Any brand looking to maximise Instagram impact should look at a PromoRepublic account. The tool is based around a content calendar that lets users back-log posts well in advance so as to save time posting manually. However, it also has over 6000 post templates that can be edited and even has the option of auto-scheduling posts based on the best times and days for your industry and time zone.

When harnessed optimally, Instagram can be a brand’s number one method of putting out information to its followers.

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