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With the constant digital evolution, a lot of things have changed in the world of search engine optimisation. However, what you can be glad to note, is that the fundamentals remain the same.

Keywords are still very essential, although they are no longer the critical focus that is targeted to improve organic ranking on search engines. Keywords go beyond being the fuel of SEO… they give us insights and learning about the users and their user journey.

Here are a few search engine optimisation hacks that might improve the way you approach SEO.

What matters when it comes to good SEO

Page Loading Speed

To ensure that you provide your consumers with a productive user experience your site’s page speed is vital. The digital-savvy world is quick to lose interest in a slow site.  Research has shown that approximately 40% of your potential clientele will abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Hack: The faster your website loads pages, the more it reduces operating costs and gives your customers a rich user experience.

Produce Engaging and Valuable Content

When you are producing content, you should always keep your potential readers top of mind. It is essential that you’re creating content that keeps them coming back for more. Be that storyteller that connects with its readers and then optimise for search engines and not the other way around.

Hack: Optimise but don’t forget your end goal. Prioritise the people who engage with you on social media and the people who are your loyal customers.

Build Social Media Presence

Join in and be part of the social media craze. Sign up to Facebook or any other one or two different platforms. Pick the ones that would add value to your brand or business. Social media is excellent at connecting with your customers and prospects.

Hack: Building social media relationships boosts your SEO in the long run.

Understanding Google Analytics

Measuring enables you to optimise. It is imperative to track performance. This means that the trick is understanding Google Analytics. With the use of Google Analytics, you can look at the exact number of unique first-time and returning visitors to your site.

Hack: Know which pages on your site are visited the most and understand what your average visitor prefers to look at on your site.

Understanding that ‘constant’ is a reason to be concerned in the forever changing digital sphere, it’s become very hard to keep up with implementation techniques of SEO but should not stop us from being on the lookout to improve our knowledge and websites.

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