Are Multiple Domains Pointing To A Single Website Good For SEO?

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Search engine optimisation. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, and it sounds pretty complex as it is! Since the dawn of the internet, internet marketers have been searching for the golden thread that ties all exceptionally-ranked websites together. Some believe that link building is the golden egg of SEO, while others believe that investing in quality content is more important than links. Another strategy used by many is multiple domain SEO strategies. This article takes a look at what multi-domain SEO is, how it impacts your website’s rankings, and how to get SEO qualified in 2021!

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves researching how target audience members search for industry products and services, then improving website pages with keywords and other elements. This is done to maximise the chance of a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The better your SEO score, the higher up on Google’s first few pages you’ll be found.

When the vast majority of consumers use the internet to research products, they’re thinking of buying. They’re overwhelmingly likely to only pick from the first 3 – 5 results they scroll through, having an optimised website to satisfy their requirements in position one or two of Google’s first SERP is guaranteed to generate an organic flow of website leads for any business. There’s one catch, though. SEO takes time, requiring an initial investment to facilitate the optimisation.

Once a website is optimised, any leads that come from Google are essentially free. But you don’t just want to be one of ten contenders that jostle it out for a spot on Google’s page one. What if there was a way that you could capture more than just one position? There is, and it’s called multi-domain SEO.

Multi-Domain SEO

This relatively new SEO strategy involves setting up more than one website for your business as a point of departure. For example, a fitness apparel website has a blog website where they feature all of their helpful articles under various fitness-related categories.

If SEO has been executed correctly on both websites, using related industry keywords throughout both, there’s a chance that they will appear alongside each other on the SERP when an internet user types in a similar search query.

This is called a multi-domain approach, but does come with a few best practices brands can take note of. URLs of the individual websites should differ noticeably, and there should be unique copy on each.

If you have the capital backing to establish a second or even third website for your brand, a multiple domain SEO strategy could be what sees your business dominating the top spots on Google’s first page in 2021!

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