10 Lessons Straight from SEO Experts

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of those things that makes you doubt if it’s even possible to succeed at it, never mind become an expert at it! However, believe it or not, the experts are out there, and we’ve compiled 10 lessons straight from SEO experts to help you.

SEO Lessons

Remember revenue while chasing traffic    

Neil Patel’s one blog title states, “Everything I taught you about SEO was wrong”. Quite a bold statement! However, Neil isn’t advocating ignoring traffic and rankings and only focusing on sales and marketing. Instead, he’s saying that higher rankings and traffic are wasted if it doesn’t lead to sales.

“I don’t track rankings as I believe it is a waste of time. I focus on conversions and revenue.” Neil Patel

SEO is a powerful marketing tool, not magic

According to Rand Fishkin, people expect SEO to perform all sorts of miracles and make them lots of money. However, SEO is a marketing tool, and you must learn to use the tool correctly to see the results.

“SEO is not snake oil. It’s not magic. It’s not a pill that you’re going to swallow that’s gonna suddenly transform your website into a money-making machine. SEO is a very powerful marketing tool and tactic.” Rand Fishkin

Website page titles matter

Having your site name in your page title is smart because your customers are using specific keywords to find you. Without those words on your page titles, you’re missing out on SEO benefits according to Vanessa Fox.

“Take Google out of the equation for a minute and think of your customers. They’re searching for something. Using words. Making your title descriptive isn’t evil Google oppression. It’s common sense.” Vanessa Fox

SEO is an asset

SEO is like renovating your house. It increases the value of the property, and you will make a profit when you sell it one day. SEO adds value to your website and brand, and it will lead to future profits thanks to increased traffic and rankings.

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” Jill Whalen

SEO is about being #1 in your customers’ hearts and minds

Who buys from you? It’s certainly not search engines. It’s people – your loyal customers. Optimise your website so it leads them through the sales funnel effectively.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for user, not a spider.” Dave Naylor

SEO is all about partnering

SEO helps search engines to find your website through tools such as relevant copy, website speed, user-friendly design, better content, and more links and online PR. The one can’t function without the other. They work together!

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” Phil Frost

Quality content is king

We all know the saying, “Quality over quantity”, and Google’s algorithm updates confirm this. You can no longer dump a bunch of poor-quality content on your website and expect to rank higher. Write less but write quality content, and you’ll win at SEO.

“Better content is outweighing more content.” Rand Fishkin

You must measure your SEO efforts

Okay, so technically Peter Drucker is not an SEO expert, but the man knows what he’s talking about! How will you know if your SEO is succeeding and what you need to change if you don’t measure it?

“What gets measured gets improved.” Peter Drucker

SEO will keep you on your toes

Adaptability in digital marketing, and especially SEO, is vital. The SEO strategy that worked for one client might not work for the next, and you’ll have to start from scratch. Think, “Float like a butterfly”…

“The same strategy won’t work for everyone.” Jayson DeMers

Backlinks are fundamental to SEO

In the SEO world, you want people to talk about you as much as possible, and high-quality backlinks are a great way to achieve this. You can do this through writing excellent content, guest blogging, and using web directories, to name a few.

“Backlinks are like ‘word of mouth’ for the web – the more people talk about you, the more likely you are to be discovered.” Bruce Harpham

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