What’s The Role Of A Sales Manager?

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As far as management positions go, sales management has to be one of the most daunting to take on. This role is a make or break position, where sales generated under a sales manager will either increase company profits – or cause losses and possibly even job cuts.

There’s pressure on a sales manager, which makes the job ideal for people who thrive while working under pressure. So, what is a sales manager, where do they fit in, and how easy is it to get qualified as a sales manager in South Africa? Let’s investigate:

Sales Management Defined

Whether they have an appointed sales manager or not, every business conducting sales of products or services takes part in sales management. Loosely defined, sales management involves the administrative tasks involved when it comes to a brand’s sales activities.

This can include structuring the sales team, hiring and firing salespeople, setting objectives and sales targets, etc. In a nutshell, a sales manager is responsible for ensuring that sales happen and that they happen to the degree that will ensure the achievement of the organisation’s specific aims and goals.

Where Sales Managers Fit In

  1. Sales managers are responsible for identifying and procuring new sales talent, as well as motivating and advising sales teams to improve their sales performance.
  2. Sales managers facilitate the achievement of objectives through planning, set sales goals, assess data collected from past sales performance, and project future sales performance.
  3. A sales manager ensures that sales departments work effectively with executives from other departments, like working with the marketing department to generate new leads.

3 Functions Of Every Sales Manager

Sales managers fulfil three main roles in organisations.

Firstly, they are people managers. They are responsible for hiring, firing, motivating, and managing their sales teams.

Secondly, they are customer managers. They are required to foster good customer relations through sales activities.

Finally, they are business managers. Sales managers need enough business sense to see how their sales activities are impacting the organisation’s broader strategic direction, and the capability to step in and readjust the over-arching sales strategies as and when required.

Now that you know what functions a sales manager fulfils within an organisation, why not take a look at the accredited course that’s going to get you qualified and in the door!

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