What is a Sales Manager?

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A sales manager is responsible for overseeing the sales that a business makes:

  • If the business sells to consumers, it’s called a business-to-consumer (B2C) business.
  • If the business sells to other businesses, it’s called a business-to-business (B2B) organisation.

Sales managers set sales goals, design training programmes for sales representatives as well as analyse data. A sales manager may be required to often travel, work full time with the possibility of working some evenings and weekends.

The responsibilities that a sales manager has

“A sales manager is accountable for meeting the sales targets of the business,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director at the Digital School of Marketing. “He or she will do this through effective planning and budgeting. In addition, they should maintain necessary data and records for future reference.”

A sales manager is not able to work alone. He or she needs the support of sales team. Each member contributes their best possible and works towards the goals of the business.

The sales manager is the individuals who sets the objectives for the sales executives in addition to other sales representatives. A sales manager must make sure that the targets are realistic as well as achievable.

The duties in a sales team must not be imposed on anyone. Instead these should be delegated according to the interests and specialisations of the individuals. A sales manager must comprehend who can perform a specific task in the most efficient way. It is the role of the sales manager to extract the best out of each employee in the sales department.

A sales manager is responsible for devising strategies and techniques

These are required for reaching the sales targets. He makes the decision regarding the course of action for the members of his team. It is the duty of the sales manager to map potential customers and generate leads for the organisation. He should look forward to creating new opportunities for

A sales manager is responsible for promoting the brand

The sales manager must make the product top of mind among the consumers. Motivating members of the sales team is one of the most critical duties of a sales manager.

“He or she needs to make their sales teamwork as a single unit,” says Schneider. “They must strive towards a common objective. The sales manager must ensure that team members don’t fight among themselves. They must have a cordial relationship with each other.”

A sales manager should develop lucrative incentive schemes and introduce monetary benefits in order to encourage them to deliver in the very best possible way that they can. Appreciate them whenever they do work that is good.

Sales team management

It is the duty of the sales manager to ensure that his team is delivering the desired results. Supervision is vital. Track the team’s performance. Make sure that each one is living up to the expectations of the company. Ask them to turn in a report of what all they have done throughout the week or month. The good performers must be encouraged while the non-performers must be dealt with the utmost care and patience.

The sales manager takes important decisions for his team. He should serves as a pillar of support for them and stand by their side in their hours of crisis. A sales manager must set an example for his sales team members. He should be a fountain of inspiration for the members of his team. A sales manager is accountable for selling, maintaining and improving relationships with the company’s clients. Client relationship management is also one of the key performance areas (KPAs) of the sales manager.

If you are currently a sales representative, who is interested in getting promoted to a sales manager, prepare early. Leadership skills are significantly more important, as opposed to sales ability, in order to succeed in the position of a sales manager. If you’re looking to make yourself more viable as a potential candidate for a role in sales leadership, spend more time developing your leadership abilities and CV than your sales acumen.

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