Why You Should Not Abandon The Fundamentals Of Traditional Marketing?

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Digital marketing is not able to operate in total isolation from traditional marketing methods. However, yet ever-evolving, and traditional marketing methods cannot operate in isolation from marketing research. It would be the death of marketing fundamentals, as we know them, if the perceived panacea is purely digital marketing. This is because, in most cases, it borrows from the ‘traditional’ discipline.

What Brands Need To Do

Brands are required to gravitate towards an enviable position in order to pivot their strategies which will ensure that they remain connected to, as well as relevant for, their consumers. This could be done without brands drowning in the sea of sameness of digital marketing.

However, why should implement digital marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy? In order to best compare these two strategies, it is easiest to talk about some of the drawbacks of traditional marketing when compared with digital.

Digital Marketing Is Growing Across The World

Keeping the current growth of digital marketing around the world firmly at the top of your mind, it won’t be long before digital advertising spend takes over traditional advertising. An example of traditional advertising spend is television ads.

As of right now, 60% of marketers a number of different industries have already shifted their efforts towards digital marketing.

Here are a couple of stats which will help you to understand the growth and prominence of digital marketing:

  • More than 80% of shoppers/buyers perform their research online prior to investing in a product/service.
  • Almost 60% of adults make use of Facebook on a regular basis.
  • 94% of B2B marketers are actively making use of LinkedIn for digital marketing.
  • Mobile will be accounting for well over 70% of digital advertising spend pretty soon.
  • A total of 90% of B2C businesses report social media as being the most effective content marketing tactic.

Traditional Marketing Costs More

Traditional marketing costs are much higher as opposed to digital marketing costs. For instance, that advertisement which you placed in the local paper is only effective if your target audience sees it on the day which you choose to run it.

What about that postcard or flyer which you distributed? All of the costs to print them weren’t cost-efficient, especially since the paper products are for one-time use.

Now, equate that with content, graphics as well as other marketing assets which you create digitally. You are able to create digital content and then repurpose it across multiple channels. For example, an infographic may be shared on your website, social media, a guest blog post, an email newsletter, an online ad as well as many other places.

What’s best of all is that your digital content may be highly targeted for a specific audience. In addition, it can also be easily shared, which allows for your content to reach a much broader audience.

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