What Skills Do You Need To Develop Into An Expert Digital Marketer?

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Technology is constantly evolving, urging marketers as well as entrepreneurs to dive into digital marketing in order to increase brand awareness, reach out to their target market, and ultimately drive sales as well as profit.

Planning for a job in the marketing world tomorrow will be very different than it is today. While the fundamentals of marketing may be the same, the digital marketing skills and tools that you need in order to analyse, create, and implement marketing campaigns continue to evolve at an incredibly quick speed.

A Severe Talent Shortage

A whopping total of 74% of marketing executives recognise that marketing organisations and firms face a critical talent shortage owing to a lack of digital skills. In other words, there’s a massive gap between what they need to know as well as what they actually know. In order to cope, nearly half of the marketing executives said that they’ll focus more on recruitment while 40% said they’ll focus equally on recruitment and re-skilling of their existing workforce.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a career which combines – for example – traditional marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing and content writing. This means that the traits required to succeed are many and are quite varied.

Here are some of the skills that you will need as a digital marketer.

Data Analysis

Data analytics tools are generally available and these give marketers the information which they need in order to understand customers as well as target them with the correct messages.

The term ‘data analytics’ refers to the use of functional techniques, in addition to modern software, in order to collect and process wide-ranging collections of data from different online interactions of your target market. These exchanges come in a variety of forms such as:

  • Transactions online,
  • Content consumed,
  • Search queries, as well as
  • Other online footprints which are relevant to your business.

Together with data analysis comes data cleansing. This term refers to the process of eliminating incorrect, duplicated, or incomplete data on your database. As a digital marketer, it will be necessary for you to periodically purge your database of outdated, useless data in order to avoid making ineffective marketing decisions.

Organisation And Project Management

Running a number of digital campaigns can get complicated very quickly. Putting together an omnichannel marketing plan includes various technologies and different measurements which lead to a lot of moving parts to coordinate.

Also, digital markets need to have the skills of a project manager as well as bring together disparate teams in order to channel marketing ideas from concept to completion. Project management skills encompass leading and directing internal and external teams in order to manage projects and deliverables.

Project managers must possess technical skills however they must also be able to break down complex projects into actionable steps. The professionals must be able to communicate objections clearly and then motivate teams so that a seamless experience is create.

Digital marketing project managers are required to manage the workflow process that goes on in their teams and organisations. They need to be proficient with tools such as Trello, Basecamp or – alternatively – Wrike. In addition, they will need experience with agile development methods and content management systems (CMS).

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