What Is Your Inclusive Brand Type?

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There’s no one way for you to be an inclusive brand. We are all unique as people and have our own approach and philosophy to how we show up in the world. The same exists for the brands that we are building.

However,  as more brands have been working to engage in terms of inclusive marketing, many have struggled to get a footing in developing policies, approaches. Ways of being that feel as if they’re authentic to their very core. That’s why before you get far too deep on the path of taking part in inclusive marketing, it is useful to pause and consider what kind of inclusive brand you’ll be.

Making this choice will not only assist with guiding your decision making in who you serve, as well as how you serve them, but it will also guide your communications, particularly in terms of what topics you speak out on as well as fight for. And significantly, building an inclusive brand which is in keeping with your brand’s character, will make it sustainable for you over the longer term.

What Is Inclusive Marketing?

The term ‘inclusive marketing’ describes campaigns which embrace diversity by including people from different backgrounds or stories that unique audiences are able to relate to. While a number of inclusive campaigns make an effort to break stereotypes, others just aim to reflect or embrace individuals in the real world.

With effective inclusive marketing campaigns, marketers aim to break advertising norms through highlighting people or groups which might be under- or misrepresented. However, inclusive marketing isn’t always easy to do correctly. An inclusive or thought-provoking campaign takes a lot of time, effort, and careful thought in order to be successful. And it’s not just about choosing the correctly stock image and giving yourself a gold star. It’s about making a significant effort to include or correctly represent diverse people in your campaigns.

Include Diversity In Your Brand With Integrity & Honesty

During the last couple of years we’ve been hearing more and more about diversity as well as inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. The words “diversity” and “inclusion,” are comparable, however they don’t have the exactly the same meaning.

Inclusive brand marketing is VERY similar to D&I without the HR department. This terms refers to how you represent people from a number of different backgrounds in all types of your advertising. That means you would need to consider factors such as:

  • Age,
  • Ethnicity,
  • Gender,
  • Sexuality, and
  • Appearance.

Beyond making your customers feel as if they are represented, inclusive brand marketing can assist you with:

  • Reach more potential clients,
  • Build loyalty and trust,
  • Boost social media and website engagement, and
  • Increase leads and sales.

From your website down to your Instagram feed, inclusive marketing can be an essential part of your marketing strategy however only if you’re doing it authentically.

What The Benefits Of Inclusion And Diversity?

There are a number of different advantages to inclusion and diversity in marketing campaigns.

You Reach More People

Making sure you display diversity and encompass different demographics in your marketing campaigns assists your brand reach more kinds of people. This boosts your potential customer pool.

You Get Closer To Your Audience

At the moment it’s all about those engagement numbers as well as fostering a community within your brand. By doing market research, in addition to communicating directly with customers, you can form a more profound relationship with your audience and build better brand trust and loyalty.

Grows Respect And Brand Recognition

People will respect a brand which offers diverse and inclusive marketing and also genuinely reflects their audience. When you as a marketer really understand and speak the language of your customer, you will earn their trust and even their respect.

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