How To Tap Into A Gen Z Audience Through Social Media

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Social media marketing can be utilised as a universal tool for scaling advertising, marketing as well as communicating with new audiences. However, are companies using this marketing strategy to its full potential? By using social media, brands can effectively set the tone of voice and build an online image and appeal to a Gen Z audience.

Gen Z marketing necessitates more than just selling a product. Born between 1996 as well as 2010, this generation is value-conscious and are drawn to brands that ‘keep it real’. They’re creative, bold, and the creators of many trends on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms. And they require a slightly different approach than their millennial counterparts.

So how do you connect with a generation of digital experts?

What Are Some Of The Gen Z Marketing Challenges?

In marketing, someone’s always waiting to announce “the end is nigh” with every new technology or culture shift. However, don’t worry. Every generation presents challenges, but marketers adapt well. Changing is as much a part of the industry as are any key performance indicators or – alternatively – data.

For example, you’ve probably heard that Gen Z has the attention span of approximately eight seconds — compared to the millennials’ 12 — when, in reality, they actually have a sophisticated filter which comes from having grown up surrounded by a deluge of information.

You’ll just have a couple of seconds in order to convince Gen Z consumers that your ad or blog post is worth their time — but if you do, they are able to focus (the word “binge” comes to mind) long enough in order to complete in-depth research on any topic.

Then next time that someone tells you that Gen Z will kill your marketing strategy, have no fear! Gen Z — like with millennials, Gen X as well as even the baby boomers before them — will be no different than any other generation.

Understand What Gen Z Wants And Needs

A McKinsey & Company study found most Gen Zers have an “undefined” identity, meaning they don’t see themselves through the lens of one or two stereotypes.

Instead, they experiment with different ways of expression and allow their identities to develop over time. This makes unisex messaging and products very appealing to them.

The same study found that Gen Z is more racially diverse and inclusive than any other generation before them.

Omnichannel Approach Hologram Banner

Develop An Omnichannel Approach

For businesses attempting to lure Gen Z consumers, it’s video or vanish. Cisco reckons that video will account for 82% of internet traffic globally by 2022. Gen Z craves a more personalised experience through short-form videos. According to Social Media Today, 85% of teens consume content on YouTube, so implementing a multi-pronged omnichannel approach is key.

Leverage Gamification And Shared Experiences

Gen Zers are serious gamers. An astounding 94% of this generation play games on a number of different devices. They enjoy connecting with social media content by thinking, swiping as well as tapping.

Incorporating gamification elements into posts is an excellent way for brands to offer users with fun escapism while improving their brand’s image. These elements include the following:

  • Trivia quizzes,
  • Polls,
  • Rewards for user engagement, as well as
  • Social media scavenger hunts.

Gamifying content is a sure-fire way in order to attract new customers and remain connected with existing ones.

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