What Are The Benefits Of PPC?

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Pay-per-click advertising came about thanks to the internet and social media technologies, and it has played a part in growing some of the biggest companies on Earth. PPC adverts are extremely popular digital marketing solutions because providers, like Google and Facebook, have made it super easy for any person – regardless of marketing and advertising experience – to craft effective pay-per-click campaigns. This article takes a look at five tangible benefits of running PPC advertising campaigns in 2021:

1. Instant Website Traffic

PPC ads occupy space on search engine results pages (SERPs) alongside organic results. An organic traffic strategy using SEO takes time and is only realistically expected to yield serious results after six months to a year. PPC, on the other hand, starts attracting website traffic within minutes of setting up the ads.


2. Only Warm Leads

Because all PPC enquiries originate at a touchpoint between the brand and the consumer (on the SERP), any leads that come from the PPC campaign are already warm. They’ve shown an interest in what you have to offer, and all you have to do is make sure that the content on the page where they land after clicking on your ad can convert.


3. Help SEO Strategy

PPC advertising doesn’t directly affect a website’s SEO, but it does help in the planning of said search engine optimisation. PPC ads require a set of targeted keywords that you want your ads to show up for. If these keywords work in attracting consumers through PPC, there’s a good chance that the same keywords will attract organic traffic too.

4. Detailed Targeting

Pay-per-click advertising allows advertisers to really drill down on the specific traits of their target audiences. Once target market personas are established, these can be used to tailor the PPC campaigns targeting criteria – ranging from broad demographics like location, age and gender – through to specific interests.


5. Easy To Produce

Free PPC management tools like Google Ads have made it effortless to begin running effective PPC advertising campaigns. The setup process is easy to navigate, and there are best-practice suggestions throughout to make sure that even the most inexperienced PPC manager can pull together quality ads that will convert.

PPC is nothing short of a game-changer in the marketing industry and can bring amazing results when executed professionally and with all the boxes ticked.

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