Time management skills that your sales team needs to know

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There is an old proverb which says, “time is money.” No one realises how true this is more than salespeople do. Every minute your sales team spends not taking part in high-gain selling activities signifies lost opportunities in addition to lost revenue.

Success in sales consists of juggling many separate tasks. Some of these jobs are tedious in addition to time consuming however, unfortunately, these simply cannot be avoided. This is where solid time management needs to be applied. It’s a discipline which the most successful salespeople have mastered. In addition, they incorporate these principles into their daily routines.

It’s extremely easy to feel as if there aren’t sufficient hours in the day. However, the problem may not in fact be a lack of time but the manner in which you use it. Effective time management is fundamental to sales success but it is also one of the most significant challenges.

With many demands on your time in addition to attention, limited resources as well as when you’re judged by results alone, you are continually being pulled in various directions and are battling distractions. On the positive side, as a salesperson you have a lot more control over your work as well as earnings as opposed to people in other industries.

Tried-and-trusted time management techniques for salespeople

We have done extensive canvassing and have come up with a number of time management techniques that your sales team can use in order to streamline their day.

Focus on the nitty-gritty

Administrative tasks may be required however these can quickly grow to taking up a large portion of a salesperson’s time. This means that if you want to maximi=se your sales reps’ high-gain selling time, have them identify administrative tasks which they can eliminate, automate or (alternatively) outsource. It may only be a couple of minutes saved here and there to start with, but those moments which are saved can quickly accumulate into additional hours that can be spent selling.

Don’t get distracted by email

Email can be a very easy as well as effective sales tool. However, it can also become an incredible drain on time in addition to energy. Your salespeople will be able to save themselves a lot of bother by having email templates ready for the conversations that they have on a repeated basis in addition to organising their inbox.

Teach your salespeople how to set up folders in their inbox so they can reference information quickly when it’s required. At the same time, review best practices for creating the most effective email meeting invite.

Set goals

Individuals who set goals as well as monitor their progress perform 30% better as opposed to those who don’t. Having goals raises motivation in addition to achievement. However, not merely any goal will do. The more detailed the goal is, the greater the probability of success. A goal that does not have a number in addition to a timeframe is a wish.

Setting goals only makes up half of the equation. You require feedback too. Monitoring your progress will demonstrate to you how much you have accomplished in addition to what corrections need to be made.

Time management is an indispensable skill in everyday life – not just sales.

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